How to Eat for Better Skin

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 09, 2024 • Fitness

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and arguably one of the most important. It should be something that you consciously take care of, and you can do this in a variety of ways. Many people will get creams and conduct morning and evening routines to make their skin glow. While this can be effective with the right products for your skin type, many people will often neglect to consider that food and water will have a huge impact on the appearance and condition of their skin.  In addition to the right products, everyone should focus on their lifestyle and how that can impact their skin. If you find you are stressed, you lack proper hygiene and eat a diet high in junk food, your skin is not going to be very happy. Unfortunately, cream isn’t going to help you get to the cause of the problem if […]

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Press London 3 Day Juice Cleanse Review & Discount Code

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 11, 2023 • Fitness Lifestyle

Day 1 of my Juice Cleanse. Would you do it? Click below to watch my 1st day of Juice cleanse: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Taislany (@taislany) Use code TAISLANY15 to get 20% OFF your cleanse at PRESS

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Stop Beating Yourself up – Here Are Some Tips for Harmonising Your Life That Can Also Improve Your Looks

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 28, 2019 • Fitness Lifestyle

When you think of the word “harmony” there’s a decent chance that you imagine something like a Zen Buddhist monk sitting on top of a mountain, lost in a meditative trance, while clouds pass by in a soft breeze.   But you don’t have to be a grand meditation expert in order to add a bit of harmony to your life, or to benefit from taking steps to make your life more harmonious overall. And for that matter, “harmony” is just another word for “balance”, and doesn’t have to mean anything particularly metaphysical or mysterious.   A long time ago, the philosopher Aristotle developed his idea of the “Golden Mean,” as a way of figuring out the right way to act in any given circumstance. His basic idea was that “virtue” (in other words, the “right” path) always lay between two extremes – an extreme of deficiency on one side, […]

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