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Bye Bye Old Job! Welcome Full time blogging

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 26, 2016 • Lifestyle

Have I really not mentioned that I am now a full-time blogger? I guess the reason why I haven’t really been bragging about it is because I can’t believe it myself. I remember having casual talks a few weeks ago where I said: “I’m aiming to quit my job and do full-time blogging in a years time”. Little did I know huh? “Doing something towards your goal every single day will help build momentum…” How did I make the decision to quit my full-time, well-paid job?  I was not passionate about my role so when I had my holiday request rejected to attend LFW I didn’t think twice to say bye-bye to my not so exciting job. It all seemed very sudden (and it was), but it felt so right. I know what you’re thinking: “It sounds immature and rushed”. Trust me, it was but have you ever felt deep in your soul […]

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Did I Just Find The Perfect Jumpsuit?

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 24, 2016 • Fashion

Finding the perfect jumpsuit is not an easy task, I have tried so many styles from different brands that I feel like a “Jumpsuit PRO” (if that even exists). Personally, I love jumpsuits because depending on the style it really makes you feel powerful and ready to run the world. I have come across gorgeous jumpsuits – long, short, vibrant prints and classic black. But, I had never tried on anything like this one that I am about to show you. What is so different about this jumpsuit? It fits the body like a glove and it really made me feel sexy again. Again? Yes, I have been a little naughty for a while – no gym and haven’t really been on point with my nutrition either. Let’s be honest, I have never been slim, or the model type. So, when I try on tight clothes I always get the feeling […]

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Challenge: Jewellery Using Parts From An Old Analogue Meter

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 19, 2016 • Lifestyle

So my question to you is this…  have you ever designed or created a piece of jewellery using parts from an old analogue meter? If your answer is “no” you have just made me feel better (ha-ha) because I been assigned to this remarkable mission. I’m sure I will have lots of fun while creating it but I need some inspiration and ideas from you guys. I really wanted this to be our project, where we can brainstorm and see the progress together. You might remember when Smart Energy GB challenged me to bake without estimates, if not check it out here. They have a history of coming up with some cool yet hard challenges so, I am not surprised with the materials that I will be working with to create my jewellery:Now, you might be wondering why I would be using these not so flattering components to create a beautiful piece […]

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