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7 Tips When Going From Blonde To Brunette

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 29, 2016 • Beauty

Going from blonde to brunette is not an easy task. People say that with a new hair color comes a whole new personality. I have to agree! I was blonde for 4 years and I loved every moment of it; but to maintain those beautiful blonde locks, you need to dedicate your whole life around it. Which I never did so well. I work 40 hours a week on my day job as well as numerous additional hours on the blog. Going back to brown was a great way for me to save time, money and stress.

You should take good care of your hair, no matter what color you go for. But darker colors reduce the appearance of a dry and damaged hair. It will also give the illusion of fuller and healthier hair.

I posted the “after” picture on my social media, and some of you wanted to know the reason behind the change and who inspired me. So, I present you: 7 Tips When Going From Blonde To Brunette.

Some of the previous colors:Blonde To Brunette

Here is my: blonde to brown hair before and after pictures, but if unlike me, you’re planning to get blonde. Here’s my Vlog: The Day I Became Blonder.

Who inspired me: Camila Coutinho
Blonde To BrunetteI wasn’t sure what color to go for. That’s why I asked you, my beautiful readers and followers on social media to give me your opinion. I knew I wanted something darker but still wanted to have a few golden highlights to give some dimension to the hair. I went for a similar hair-cut as the one Camila Coutinho has. And let me tell you something: it feels lighter and so much healthier. Best thing? As it grows, the hair will have a beachy vibe to it. Perfect for the summer.
Blonde To BrunetteWhen I decided the exact look I wanted to go for, I reached out to a professional and discussed the options before choosing the ideal tone. Quite often, we like a tone that is not ideal, so make sure to research and consult your hairdresser before doing anything to your hair. Meet My Hairstylist:Bernardo Vasconcelos.

7 Tips When Going From Blonde To Brunette:

Have your makeup “on-point”. The makeup can make your new hair pop-out even more. I mean… everything looks better with a little makeup on. When I changed from blonde to brunette; I will tend to go for a quick smokey eye and pale pink lipstick (Brave from MAC is my favorite).

2. Get hair masks. They will keep your hair shiny and radiant. I’ve used one from Vitaderm, here are my thoughts on it: VitaDerm For Your Dry Hair. If you’re on a budget, head to the kitchen and grab your coconut oil. Leave it in for a few hours and then wash it out. You’ll be surprised by the results, it works wonders and your hair will be hydrated like never before.

3. Reactivate the color every 15 days. If like me, you had platinum blonde, you’ll need to touch it up so the color does not fade away.

4. Cut the ends. I know.. we always get tempted not to cut our hair because we want to let it grow, but by not cutting it as often as we should, the hair won’t develop healthily. You don’t need to go crazy like I did. But it’s vital to cut the ends every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent the formation of split ends.

5. Watch your shower temperature. This may be easier to do during spring/summer. But, when washing the hair, it is important not to let the water get too hot. Excess of heat can damage the hair volume while cold water enhances the products used to condition the locks.

6. Be careful with the sun. Just like the skin, if subjected to the sun daily it can damage hair. If you live in a tropical country or you’re planning to go somewhere warm. Make sure to apply leave-in conditioner at least once a day. It is also worth using a thermal protector with sunscreen if you go to the beach.

7. Take your vitamins. I have only realized how important taking vitamins are a few months ago. I can already see the results. I have recently started taking Pantogar which can help you restore your hair’s healthy balance and also claims to make your nails stronger (it really does). There are different brands, so research the right one for you. Oh, be patient. It takes a few months but it’s totally worth the wait.

Vitamins I suggest: Pantogar, HairBurst and Biotin. These vitamins claim to maintain beautiful, healthy skin and hair that starts from within.

What about you? Ever had a dramatic change? Would you consider changing from blonde to brunette? Let me know yours in the comments below.


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