3 Reasons Why You Should Use Vita Derm For Your Dry Hair:

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Vita Derm For Your Dry Hair:

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Since bleaching my hair, the visits to the hairdresser have increased from every two weeks (or more), to every week. As you may know from my previous post:Brazilian Blowout, I treat my hair with Leninha, and she uses a miraculous kit from Vita Derm (brazilian brand), which does an intense recovery of the hair.

You’ve noticed that your hair breaking a lot? Or is beyond damaged? The first thing you should do is to reduce if not cut the flat iron and the curling iron. It will feel weird not using it, and it may even feel like you can’t live without them, right? I know, I felt the same for the first few days. If you really have to use heat make sure to use a good heat shield to protect the locks from even more damage, otherwise you’ll end up having to cut your hair off (own experience).
Vita DermVita Derm

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Vita Derm For Your Dry Hair:

1. It will rebuild the hair cuticle: Exposure to the sun and pollution, the constant use of the dryer and flat iron leave the locks in a deplorable state and an ordinary hydration does not solve it. Vita Derm will do an intensive 3D recovery even if your hair is extremely damaged.

2. The use of good products can make life easier for those who don’t have the time or motivation to treat their hair at home. One thing you should always be attentive to is the quality of the product and if it is suitable for your hair type. Dry and damaged hair need products based on vegetable butter and creams with keratin, proteins and amino acids. Vita Derm is keratine-based which is great as it restores shine, softness and vitality.

3. If the hair is dry it’s due to low production of sebaceous glands of the scalp, or due to a series of chemical treatments which eventually damages the locks; making them dull. Vita derm will help you have a healthier scalp and make sure that the moisture remains in the hair.

Before and after using Vita Derm:

Vita DermI loved the Vita Derm cauterization by Leninha, for those who want to visit her here are the details:

Phone: 07912208069
Address: 91 Inverness Terrace, London, Flat 7 W2 3JU
Website – Facebook – Instagram

Do you guys have a miracle product for damaged hair? Tell me in the comments!


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