11 Itens Essenciais Para Levar Para A Praia - 11 Must-Have Beach Essentials

11 Must-Have Beach Essentials

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 03, 2016 • Beauty

Summer is just around the corner; you know that, when all you hear is people’s holiday plans to go to the beach. I will be going to Thailand in 11 days, so that’s all I think/talk about. And yes, I know you must be thinking: “I feel sorry for her work colleagues”. Well, I do too Ha-Ha!

Onto today’s post. Is, there anything worse than realizing you forgot something such as your sunscreen or a hat? I personally, get very frustrated (you don’t want to see me annoyed). So, I have put together a guide with 11 Must-Have Beach Essentials that you cannot  forget this Summer:

Beach Essentials:

1. Sunscreen: Is definitely, the most important item to have in your beach bag! Your skin normally burns after 10 minutes in the sun. However, by applying an SPF, it will increase your stay in the sun without burning for approximately 150 minutes. Easy choice uh? But, don’t forget to re-apply every 2 hours. Since last summer, I have been using Garnier Ambre Solaire, and it has become my favorite. It’s non-sticky, non-greasy and feels refreshing on the skin.Beach Essentials2. Flip flops: your beach holiday won’t be complete without a pair of comfortable flip-flops. For the beach, my ultimate favorites are Havaianas. Moving on to the evening, I like to wear an embellished pair that I got from Accessorize for only £12:
Beach Essentials3. Beach towel (the bigger the better): we all know that we should bring a towel with us to the beach. This summer, let’s get one with an exciting design or format. Why not get a bohemian round beach towel? Etsy has loads of prints to choose from.
Beach Essentials4. Cute tote bag:
 go for a generously sized beach bag. I am sure you don’t want your cash or cell phone to get wet. So, make sure to get a bag that has interior pockets and waterproof lining. I tend to also look out for the bags with a zipper as it gives you extra safety when you’re having a nap.
Beach Essentials5. Sunglasses: I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with sunglasses. Combine your sunnies with the bikini color to make the look more interesting. I tend to take my inexpensive sunglasses to the beach as I wouldn’t want the designer ones to get scratched, lost or damaged. But make sure that they have 100 UV protection. Let’s not forget that they are a fashion accessory, but the major purpose its to protect the eyes from the sun.
Beach Essentials6. Snacks: do you ever get the feeling that you’re always hungry when at the beach? I do! That’s why I always pack snacks in my beach bag. If like me, you love your food but don’t want to get bloated by eating fatty snacks… Check this really cool article from Thrive Market: “The ultimate Healthy Beach-Day Picnic Menu“.Beach Essentials7.Bottle of water: how many times, have you heard how important it is to drink water? Lost count right? That’s because it is! If you’re not too good on reminding yourself to do so; set an alarm to remind you to drink water every hour or so. Find water too boring? add fruits like cucumbers, berries, and mint.
Beach Essentials8.Hair protector spray: 
in order to prevent hair from becoming damaged and broken, it is crucial to apply some sort of heat protector when exposed to the sun (7 tips when going from blonde to brunette). I am currently using the Kérastase Ciment Thermique, and it’s been amazing for my hair. It adds shine and helps smooth the hair texture.
Beach Essentials

9.Hats: these cuties are stylish as well as protective. They block harmful UV radiation, which will decrease the chances of dry skin as well as wrinkles. You’ll want a hat with good ventilation on the sides so it won’t overheat your head.
Beach Essentials10. A good book to read:
It’s up to you to choose your type of “beach book”- romance, mystery or even something sexy. Why do I recommend books? It tends to be too hot to keep the phone out in the sun. And, if you’re an iPhone user, this will sound familiar: “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”. It’s the worst! This time around, be  smart and zone out and catch up on your favorite book.
Beach Essentials
11.Portable charger: Let’s be honest, the beach is not nearly as fun if you can’t take use your phone to take pictures, listen to music or just check your social media. You can find affordable options for only £10 on Ebay.Beach Essentials

What do you take in your beach bag? Let me know in the comments!


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