Valentine's Day: Date At The Electric Cinema London 

Valentine’s Day: Date At The Electric Cinema London

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 15, 2015 • Reviews

Valentine’s Day at The Electric Cinema

I’ve been meaning to plan a little surprise for my boyfriend, but I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. That was when I remembered that a friend of mine had recommended this really cozy cinema in Notting Hill Gate called Electric Cinema. The cinema is in Notting Hill, the room is huge and luxurious with a giant projector. There are 65 comfortable leather chairs and even beds. The Electric Cinema is 104 years old and has a very romantic atmosphere: the lamps make it even cutter.valentine's day

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As it was a surprise, I only told him what we were doing once we were in front of the cinema. I could see on his face how surprised he was and that he definitely loved it. Once we got our tickets, we headed in and that’s when I realized how unique the place was. I could hear myself say “WOW” way too many times. I loved the cozy & romantic vibe that huge room had. They have a small bar with a few options to nibble on as well as to drink, to my surprise the price was extremely reasonable. We decided to go for nachos, spiced nuts, sparkling water and having a sweet tooth I got my self the pick and mix box (I got so much, that the box wouldn’t even close ha-ha).valentine's Overall: I won’t be going to a standard cinema anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vue, Odeon etc. But you pay nearly the same amount on the Electric Cinema for far more comfort and service. I would definitely recommend it to couples, friends .. to everyone! It’s such a cool atmosphere to be in, I am sure anyone would love it.

Ps: Nothing planned for Valentines day? Why don’t you plan a little cinema date? The Electric Cinema will be showing Morricone in Love on February 14th.
valentine's ” Roses all to predictable? Don’t even want to check the prices of that fancy restaurant in town? Celebrate this year’s  in wonderfully unique style as the Electric Portobello provides a February 14th like no other.

In a fusion of live music and cinema, Cinescora invite you to indulge in the seductive genius of Ennio Morricone in an elegantly stylish mix of hypnotic sounds and opulent visuals. Enjoy a welcome cocktail as Italian ‘Giallo’ films provide a sublime backdrop while Fiona Staniland and band explore the haunting wordless female vocal of muse Edda Dell’Orso and the psychedelic lounge trippiness of Ennio Morricone’s cult erotic thriller scores of 1968-72. Expect a triptastic mix of hypnotic jazz rhythms, bossa beats, soaring soprano, avant-garde expressionism all created on genuine 60s and 70s organs in a symphonic night you won’t forget.” (Book your ticket)

Front Row Bed For 2ppl: £30 (£15 ppl)
Armchair (individual): £18.oo
Back Row Sofa Bed For 2ppl: £45 (£22.50ppl)

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Telefone: 020 7908 9696



Hope you guys liked it.
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