Como Usar Calça Pantalona Com Estilo - How To Style Culottes Trousers

Como Usar Calça Pantalona Com Estilo – How To Style Culottes Trousers

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 22, 2016 • Fashion

Who else has noticed how popular culottes have become this season? I’ve never been a fan of wide trousers, because I thought that it would make me look fat (as usual). But I’ve got to admit that I have gradually fallen in love with their elegance. The coolest thing is that you canfind them in a vast variety of textiles. I have seen them in linen, jeans and even more structured fabrics. As I’ve just discovered my love for these type of trousers, I only have two: basic black, which you can pair with any type of clothing, and the one I’m wearing today. This one has a thicker and warmer fabric; perfect for the cold weather in London.

Most pantaloons have a straight cut, so I wouldn’t suggest that the length covers the feet entirely. Why? Leaving a little gap, helps giving proportion to the look. Not to mention, that there’s nothing worse than letting it drag on the floor right? It gives a sense of inelegance and I don’t think it’s very hygienic.

Which one to wear during the day? During the day, choose culottes with a less daring width. It’s more comfortable and versatile; it is easier to combine with other pieces and in extreme cases: will avoid you a fall during the rush hour.

Which one to wear at night? Depend’s on each individual’s style. But culotte trousers with wide legs, are perfect for a date night or even a more formal event.

What to combine with? Shirts, cropped tops, bodysuits, jackets (I suggest you leave the jacket or blazer open to elongate your figure while keeping it modern) … the only thing I wouldn’t recommend: baggy sweaters. But as mentioned, that is really up-to you. As long as the look is harmonious, I am sure that you’ll rock it!

Question time: “Will Culottes looks good on wider hips?”. Yes! It will look amazing! I’m living proof of that. I mean, I’d like to think so! These pants will make your silhouette look smaller no matter what size you wear.

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Knitted Culottes & Roll Neck Jumper: MissGuided – Jacket: H&M – Sunglasses: DiscountedSunglasses

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