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Tripping Down Fashion Trends Memory Lane

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 28, 2021 • Other

Every fashionista has one of those moments where they think back about how fashion trends have changed over the last couple of decades. But, of course, everyone knows how difficult it is to keep up with all the new trends.

What are some popular fashion items today?

Today people wear all kinds of different styles ranging from urban (baggy t-shirts) to modern (crop tops). Popular clothing items include jogger pants, large accessories like Rolex watches, which have their own history of the Rolex Submariner, earrings and necklaces, and graphic t-shirts. Popular shoes include heels, sneakers and loafers.

Here is a detailed timeline of the biggest fashion trends by decade since 1950!

1950-1959: Post-WWII Fashion Trends

After World War II, men and women alike wore practical clothing which was designed to accommodate their active lifestyles. 

Baggy sweaters were popular among young men, while women stuck to skirts or pants paired with shirt dresses. 

The most fashionable items in this period included flight jackets worn over simple sheath dresses and loafers worn with socks.

1960-1969: Hippie Fashion Trends

In the 1960s, hippies rejected the way mainstream society dressed and made their own rules on fashion. The most iconic hippie clothing piece was a pair of bell bottoms paired with a flowing peasant top. 

This era also brought on the birth of rock-n-roll style with uniform ripped jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets being worn by musicians around the world!

1970-1979: Disco Fashion Trends

In this decade, disco took over the music scene, which ultimately changed how people dressed for decades to come. 

Polyester pantsuits, white platform shoes and shimmery disco dresses were popular among women, while men favoured wide lapels and extra-long collars from their blazers. 

You can still see some of these trends making a comeback, so if you want to be extra trendy, try pairing a disco dress with your highest platform shoes!

1980-1989: Punk Fashion Trends

This was the most rebellious of decades, and people wore what they wanted to wear without any regard for the mainstream trends. 

Black clothing ruled this decade due to its association with punk music, and both men and women wore band tees all around the world. 

Baggy pants made their first appearance in this generation and ripped, or shredded jeans are still popular today. Big hair and bold makeup were also staples in punks’ everyday looks.

1990-1999: Grunge Fashion Trends

During the rocky ’90s, grunge became more than just a genre of rock music; it became an entire lifestyle that trickled over into fashion. 

Thick flannels were popular among men, while women wore oversized sweaters, baggy pants or cargo shorts with Doc Martens boots or Birkenstocks. 

Everyone’s favourite accessory was their fanny pack which allowed them to carry all of their essentials without needing a bulky handbag.

2000-2009: Urban Fashion Trends

Wearing urban clothing became popularized in this generation as rappers and singers started releasing streetwear collections that appealed to young people everywhere. 

Men favoured fitted t-shirts paired with jeans or sweatpants, while women opted for trendy crop tops paired with high waisted bottoms of any kind! Jogger pants became famous during this time, and large accessories like earrings, necklaces, and watches are still big trends today.

2010-present: Modern Fashion Trends

As of 2010, everyone’s style has become more versatile than ever before, with fashion trends of all kinds starting to show up on the red carpet. It is incredible to see how people experiment with different styles and mixing old trends with new ones. This decade is still young, so keep your eyes wide open for what’s next!


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