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Massage Using Elemental Herbology at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch Spa

Post by Taislany Gomes • June 18, 2018 • Beauty, Reviews

The vibrant streets of Shoreditch now meet the serenity of Nobu Hotel, offering a sanctuary experience in the middle of London’s hustle and bustle.

The London lifestyle brings a lot of stress to our lives and I had been feeling anxious and quite stressed for a few months. I was having quite a lot of backaches and my neck was tense all-the-time.

I remember thinking to myself: “I really needed a massage” and like magic, the universe heard me and I got the opportunity to review one of the many massages that Nobu Hotel Shoreditch Spa has to offer.

Here are some of the options available:

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but uses deeper pressure, releasing chronic muscle tension.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Using our specially blended oils, this gentle and relaxing massage will help to soothe both the mind and body.

JET-LAG MASSAGE: Flying can be very challenging for your biological clock. Our combination of back massage, with the stimulation of reflex points on the scalp and feet will help your body recuperate, rebalance and enhance your quality of sleep.

REFLEXOLOGY: A deeply relaxing treatment which incorporates massage and specialized techniques to stimulate specific reflex points on the feet, which represent a map of the body. Tension is released, and all systems of the body soothed.

FOOT MASSAGE: There is nothing better than a soothing foot massage after hours of sightseeing. Pamper your run-down feet to a complete rest.

There is a vast list to choose from and you can check them out here. I decided to go for a Swedish massage as it sounded like a very relaxing experience.

“Take pleasure in tranquil surroundings while diminishing tension and stress with this traditional all-over relaxation massage.”

Perfection, right? The experience is fantastic from the minute you step into the Spa. They make it very personable and the surroundings are very nicely decorated and bring a peaceful feeling as you step in.

Once I completed a quick questionary about my health and what I was looking to achieve after the massage, I received a complimentary green shot and was then escorted by my therapist to the designated room.

The products used during the massage were all from Elemental Herbology which is a brand that I have been in love for the past few months. In case you want to hear more about them, I have shared some of their skincare products on my Current Favourites posts.

The oils used had the most amazing smell and felt very nourishing to my skin. At the end of the massage, my whole body was glowing and my back no longer aching.

It was an extremely effective treatment and I will be booking again for sure!!

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