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OMG! The Best Way To wear: Puma Swan Collection Ever!

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 26, 2017 • Other

There was a time when gym gear was only suitable when going to the gym. Thankfully, workout clothes have become a multi-purpose piece that makes us, women feel beautiful and comfortable when training or not. Check out how to style your workout clothes in a way to make yourself ready for any occasion after/before the gym. How to wear: Puma Swan Collection ? Have you noticed that the look we are going for needs to be very casual? We wouldn’t go to a party wearing this type of clothes (unless you don’t mind being underdressed). If you have an event later on the day and need to transition your look from day to night you should definitely change into something more dressy. When it comes to creating a look, comfort is everything! This look is suitable for a workout and also to run errands and that’s an awesome way to gain time throughout […]

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How to Stop Procrastinating: 5 Timeless Tips

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 23, 2017 • Lifestyle Other

Procrastination is not an unusual habit, I do it all the time and just like you I feel super annoyed when it happens, guess what? That doesn’t stop me from wasting time. You have a deadline… instead of getting it done, you are fiddling with things like checking your social media in a loop, watching Youtube videos or looking for embarrassing pictures of celebs on Google, right?? You’re totally supposed to get that assignment done, but you just don’t feel like doing it anytime soon or even later. You know what? It’s bad habits like this that prevents us from achieving greater results in life. That’s why I decided to put together ways to make us stop the habit of procrastinating. How to Stop Procrastinating: 5 Timeless Tips ? 1. Put it in writing. Write down the task you’ve been putting off for so many days in a piece of paper and stick it in […]

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VLOG 3: Blog Photos, Facebook Live & Running Around London

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 06, 2017 • Other

Happy Friday Doll, how has your week? I feel like things are still quite slow due to the holidays but maybe that’s because I work from home and don’t really go on the train during peak hours. As you know, Friday’s are now dedicated to my Vlogs and I have to admit that I really am enjoying them. This Vlog was still in December when I went to Style Council for a Facebook Live where I shared some of my tips (watch it now). I hope you enjoy it: VLOG 3: Blog Photos, Facebook Live & Running Around London ?? I hope you guys enjoy this short summary of my week. Let me know in the comments below. CONNECT WITH ME! ✕ TWITTER: Taislany ✕ FACEBOOK: Taislany ✕ INSTAGRAM: @Taislany ✕ SNAPCHAT: taislanyy

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