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Tipsy Chat With Taislany ft. The PlasticBoy

Post by Taislany Gomes • May 07, 2017 • Other

I have always wanted to have my own little talk show and one day I thought to myself “Why not do it then?”.  That’s how Tipsy Chat With Taislany was born!! I was having drinks with my friends and thought how fun it would be if I invited some really cool people to talk about things that we love. I sat on the idea for AGES and I’m so happy that it finally evolved from being an idea to actually coming true!My first interview couldn’t have been with a better person, I met Gary A.K.A. The Plastic Boy at a Blogger’s brunch and absolutely fell in love with his personality (and his makeup, obviously). I’m thrilled to have had the pleasure to interview him and hope you guys enjoy it too! Without further ado, here is Tipsy Chat With Taislany ft. The PlasticBoy ?? CONNECT WITH ME! ✕ TWITTER: Taislany ✕ FACEBOOK: Taislany ✕ […]

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Voluminous Hair

Step-By-Step On how To Achieve Voluminous Hair

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 20, 2017 • Other

If like mine, your hair has no volume, then listen up girl: There’s a way! Fortunately, there are some tricks to maximize your hair’s volume with minimal effort and styling tools. These tips were tested by me, so I KNOW they work. I mean, who doesn’t want to transform dull, boring hair into a glamorous hair in less than 15 minutes!? Here’s a step-by-step on how to achieve voluminous hair ? Products required: -Detangling Brush -Styling Cream -Blowdryer -Frizz Eliminator -Curling wand Step 1: Apply a small amount of your favorite styling cream to your hair and use a detangling brush to smooth it out and ensure there are no knots or tangles. Step 2: Apply a frizz control cream before using the blow dryer. This Colour WOW One Minute Transformation Styling Cream has been my absolute favorite for the past few weeks. It instantly creates a smooth feel to the hair and smells absolutely divine. […]

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OMG! The Best Way To wear: Puma Swan Collection Ever!

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 26, 2017 • Other

There was a time when gym gear was only suitable when going to the gym. Thankfully, workout clothes have become a multi-purpose piece that makes us, women feel beautiful and comfortable when training or not. Check out how to style your workout clothes in a way to make yourself ready for any occasion after/before the gym. How to wear: Puma Swan Collection ? Have you noticed that the look we are going for needs to be very casual? We wouldn’t go to a party wearing this type of clothes (unless you don’t mind being underdressed). If you have an event later on the day and need to transition your look from day to night you should definitely change into something more dressy. When it comes to creating a look, comfort is everything! This look is suitable for a workout and also to run errands and that’s an awesome way to gain time throughout […]

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