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Top Tips To Feel The Best You

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 09, 2021 • Lifestyle

During the pandemic, there have been big changes to your life with many days of the year being spent indoors, unable to see others. With this, it’s understandable that you don’t feel your best self and may feel a little disconnected. Your normal routines may have felt shifted with loungewear clothes worn daily and no make-up. After all, what’s the point if you aren’t leaving the house. Sometimes, it’s important to bring yourself back to the pre-covid days and make an effort to feel and look your best. Why not prepare a special day for you and your partner where you get dressed up and really make an effort? Below are four ways to do this – you will feel like your best self in no time!

Wear Some Nice clothes

Whether it’s date night, or you just want to make an effort and feel more like “you”, the clothes you wear can have a big impact on how you feel. When you are wearing tracksuit bottoms and a baggy jumper, it can be easy to fall into the routine of lounging about and not feeling very motivated. This week, try and dress nicely each day, make an effort as if you were going to leave your property. Put a nice skirt and top on, or wear a dress. Essentially, it just needs to be something that will lift your mood and remember what it’s like to look the best you for a week. 

Put On Some Makeup

It’s nice to not have to put on makeup on a daily basis but for this week, do! The benefits of putting on make-up can be more than just looks. Putting on makeup is very therapeutic, it will remind you of when you used to go out on a romantic date, and just help you feel like you again. Why not buy a new mascara or eyeshadow palette as a treat and practice new make-up routines for when you can go out and about again? You could try one of these beauty hacks to feel younger if you feel like the past few months have taken their toll!

Change Up Your Hair Style

When was the last time you straightened your hair or curled it? If you’ve not had a reason to go out, it is probably a long time ago. Why not get your hair styled with super-intense heat of a flat iron and have yourself looking like a completely different person? You’ll have a different morning routine, but the change will be good and give you something else to think about. If you live alone, make sure you set up a zoom call to show your new hairstyle off. 

Take A Relaxing Bath 

Run yourself a nice warm bath, add a bath bomb and just relax. Sometimes the best way to feel the best you is to spend an hour in the bath and forget about everyday stresses. Purchase a new book and enjoy reading, watch a film on your mobile device, or listen to a podcast. Whatever you do, just make sure you have enough time to just have some “you time” and take yourself away from your day job. 


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