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Top Rules for Wearing White Clothing

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 08, 2022 • Fashion

If you love wearing white clothing then you’re probably aware that there are rules involved when it comes to wearing white. If you have a special occasion to go to and you’re not exactly sure of the rules this can be problematic. 

The last thing you want is to not wear white the correct way on specific occasions or in specific places. To avoid all this take a look at some of the predominant rules for wearing white clothing.

White and Weddings

One of the biggest rules about wearing white clothing is that you should never wear it to a wedding. This is because the bride will also be wearing white and the last thing you want to do is upstage the bride. If you are the bride, however, you might want to think about something like see-through lingerie underneath

You can wear an outfit that has some white in it. However, wearing full white is something that you definitely should not do when you are going to a wedding.

Tropical Locations

Are you about to hit the beach in a tropical location? Or maybe you’re just going somewhere that is sunny on holiday, with no plans of going to the beach. 

Once you are in a tropical environment you can wear white at any time without breaking any of the rules for wearing white. Since white clothing helps to keep you a lot cooler, no one will care if you choose to wear white in the day or night.

White and Winter

It is perfectly okay for you to wear white during the winter. This is especially true if you are wearing it as a coat or even a sweater. 

You can even choose to wear off-white sweaters or accessories if you don’t like the idea of wearing something white during winter. Whatever you decide to do, just know that it is perfectly okay to wear white during the colder months.

City Streets

In general, white clothing should be avoided if you are in the city. The hustle and bustle of the city streets make it easy for white clothing to get spoiled and damaged. 

If you have to take the subway or taxis then it is almost a given that somewhere along the line you will get your white outfit soiled and dirty. The best ensemble for city streets is something that has a lot of black in it since this can easily hide dirt.

Wear Your Style

While there are a lot of rules about how you can wear white and when you can wear white, it is all up to you. Your sense of style is what you determine it to be. This means you decide what to wear and when you wear it. 

While it is good to know all the rules about wearing white clothing you should not treat them as if they are set in stone. At the end of the day, your style is all about you. You can choose to wear what you want whenever you want as long as you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit.


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