4 Simple Style Tips When Wearing Midi Skirt / 4 Dicas Simples De Como Usar Saia Midi

4 Simple Style Tips When Wearing Midi Skirt

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 28, 2016 • Fashion

Midi Skirts have recently taken me by surprise. I would always see other girls rocking it but I couldn’t picture myself wearing one. Why? Well, I thought that midi skirts would only look good on slimmer figures. Oh, was I wrong! It actually looks great on curvy figures too! I got this stunning Rose Intarsia Midi Black Skirt from Romwe. Here are some simple tips when wearing these beauties:
midi skirt1. Keep it simple. If the skirt has a beautiful vibrant print, pair it with a plain white or black tee. You can also add some quirky accessories that highlight the feature of your skirt. But make sure not to look like a Christmas tree ok?
midi skirt2.Find the Right Silhouette, midi skirts don’t necessarily have to flare out. You can look for more fitted styles or with a leg slit. It will definitely do your legs justice as well as create a more daring look.
midi skirt3. Midi Skirts + Booties, yes girl! If it’s a cold day (very common in London), you might not want to freeze your feet off. Midi skirts look extremely flattering when paired with boots, especially the pointed ones.
midi skirt4. Feeling short today? Aim for vertical stripes. Why? They’ll give the illusion of longer legs. Stripes also give a polished vibe to the look, which will make you look extra stylish. Most importantly: Have fun with it!

You could also pair this stunning skirt with an olive green blouse. The colors will look amazing together.

Midi skirt outfits on Pinterest:
midi skirt
So, there you have it! 4 Simple Style Tips When Wearing Midi Skirts. Hope you girlies found it helpful; let me know your thoughts on the comments below.


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