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Tips On How To Wear More Red This Summer!

Post by Taislany Gomes • July 17, 2017 • Fashion

Tips On How To Wear More Red This Summer! ❤️??

Red is an intense color and a lot of people are afraid to give it a try, are you one of those? I, personally, don’t own many red pieces but I love it when I see other people wearing them. Which is why I decide to go all red on my shopping spree. You should wear a tone of red that matches your skin tone, and this applies to both clothes and lipsticks. There are so many shades of red; there are reds with an orange undertone, cherry-colored-red and even wine toned ones.

If you have a yellowish skin tone you should try orange-red tones but if you have a rosy skin, go for a cherry or wines combination. Make sure to try it in front of the mirror to see which one works best.

For me, a deep wine red tone always works. That’s why my lipstick of choice was Ruby Woo by Mac and this gorgeous Red Trench Coat from Superdry and paired it with the Canonbury Leather Bag from RI2K.
When choosing what to wear with your red – coat, -bag or -heels, the most obvious and easy combination is black Black is elegant and matches all other colors and patterns so It’s impossible to make a mistake.

Red goes really well with other colors too so don’t limit yourself to black like I did. Mix it with whatever colors you love and I’m sure you will look beautiful. I do recommend white, navy blue and black; if you want to add some personality, why not pair red with a check pattern?!

Coat from Superdry
Bag from RI2K


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