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Small Things That Can Give You A Massive Confidence Boost

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 25, 2019 • Lifestyle

Often mental health problems come along with a pretty soul-crushing amount of self-doubt. In fact, if you have been fighting the good fight for an extended period, your confidence can take quite a bashing. That is why it’s crucial to do activities, no matter how small, that can help repair our confidence and self-esteem. A topic you can find out more about in my post below. 

Help someone else.

One sure-fire way of regaining some confidence is to stop focusing on your own problems and help someone else for a bit. Now, that is not to say that your problems aren’t meaningful or significant. It’s just sometimes it can really help to lay our own burdens down and put a little good into the world. 


In fact, often what occurs is that while helping someone else many of our own automatic negative thoughts about ourselves and our lives get challenged. Something that can help us to get a bit more of a balanced perspective on our situation. All on top of that inner glow we get from knowing we’ve done something kind for another human being

Be grateful.

Sometimes it’s not yourself that you need to be confident in but the world around you. Of course, this can be hard when we are feeling down, and when the media is so full of negative and alarming stories. 

However, there is something that you can do to restore this confidence in life as a whole. One is to start a gratitude practice. In fact, by just recording 3 things a day that you are grateful for, or that went well, you can begin to build a picture of your life that is not all doom and gloom. Something that our depression or anxiety would otherwise have us believe. 

Smile more!

Urgh, I absolutely hate it when someone you barely know comes up to you when you are in the midst of anxiety or depression and says: “Smile!” 

Of course, making a choice to smile more for yourself can be a positive thing. After all, just the act of smiling releases feel-good chemicals into your body. It’s often true that when you smile, people relate to you more positively as well. Therefore doing so can help you feel more confident in interactions because you are starting off on positive footing. 

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Remember the good times and compliments. 

Finally, when we are feeling unconfident, it is usually because we have yielded to the negative monologue in our minds. Of course, combating this by deliberating remembering the good times, as well as the compliments people have paid us can really help to shift this perspective to one of confidence.

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