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My Thoughts On Social Butterfly Program by Collins Fitness

Post by Taislany Gomes • December 08, 2017 • Fitness, Lifestyle

My Thoughts On Social Butterfly Program by Collins Fitness ??

Whether you have a good excuse or you’ve just been too busy to get back in shape, it’s never easy to get back into the whole healthy lifestyle mindset. I have been under-doing it for a long time and had been thinking of getting back in the game for such a long time but I felt like I would get very into it for a few weeks and then just go back to the bad habits again.

The only solution would be to get a Personal Trainer to keep me in line because let’s be honest, I am not a self-motivated kinda person.

Funny enough, I got approached by Collins Fitness and he told me about his program and I remember telling him that I was planning on getting a PT the day before he got in contact with me – law of attraction much?

I have been training with him for 3 weeks and that’s why I decided to only share it with you guys now. I didn’t want to start it and not stick to it because you guys would be like “WTF” – haha.

So, now that I have been good and been sticking 70% to my objectives I thought it was the right time to let you know a little more about it.

If you’re wondering what made me want to seek help to get fit again, here’s the answer: I realized how much I was complaining about the way I look and started actually giving those “dirty” looks in the mirror to my own body and these signs, my friends, were the last straw for me.

New year, new me, who hasn’t said that before?! I have said it so many times and only followed once which was back in 2015 when I looked my best. I just don’t want to go by the whole “Wait for New Year to go back to the ideal body” – I want to have my ideal body all year long!

How will I achieve that?

With ‘Social Butterfly Program‘ with the personal trainer, Adrian Collins. Now, this is something totally different from what I have tried before. It’s the perfect regime for city dwelling, party-loving people with busy social schedules AKA myself!

It’s completely personalised to your goals, focusing on your individual needs. Whether it’s the desired body type, re-alignment or shaping up for a specific event e.g. wedding day, beach holidays etc.

Adrian customises the exercises over six to eight weeks in order to help you feel great and lose weight with your very own signature program. He is based in East London but he also gives the option of coming to your workplace, home or any outdoor space you might like.  Not to mention that he also can assist you with his online programs which allow him to train people all over the World.

In my case, I have very bad posture and I am also extremely stiff (like… REALLY) and he spent most of our sessions helping me become more aware of executing the exercises without injuring myself long-term. So, if you need help to prevent injuries while exercising and want to have a more mindful movement then Adrian is your man!


Did I mention that he is bringing out a two-week online program to jump-start your training for 2018? Well, he is and for your chance to be entered to win this unique bespoke program simply like, follow and subscribe to

Note: The winner will be emailed on the 1st January 2018

If you want more information on pricing and to create your own tailor-made ‘social butterfly program‘ contact Adrian at


TEL + 44 (0) 754 0384 538 – InstagramFacebook

Obviously, Adrian is a massive help but here are some other steps I follow in my new healthy lifestyle:

1. In my opinion, it all starts psychologically, whatever you think… positive or negative will affect how your progress. Once you have the right mindset, you can take control of anything, especially your own life.

2. You will need little helpers! Get people on board, we can’t do this on our own, we need some support from co-workers, friends and family. There’s nothing worse than having people close to you trying to persuade you to break your good eating habits. They should be supporting your decision and not interfere just because they don’t have the motivation to do it themselves.

Invite them to go for a run with you or do that Zumba class that you have been dreaming about. It will be fun and won’t feel boring at all. Being able to laugh and encourage each other will make workouts much more enjoyable.

3. But if they are not into exercising, make sure to make gym buddies, they will play a huge part in keeping you motivated. It will also boost your commitment to your fitness goals which is a great thing because it makes you perform better.

4. When you decide to have a healthy lifestyle it doesn’t mean you can never touch any “junk food”, it only means that you shouldn’t have it on your daily menu. To help with the cravings, I tend to have something sweet once or twice a week after a meal. Having a healthy relationship with food is very important, if you restrict yourself from all types of food you will collapse #trustme #personalexperience.

5. Water Water Water! I know this one is an obvious one. But girl/boy believe me when I say that drinking 2 liters of water or more a day will change your life!


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