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The Complex yet Simple Connection of Your Mood and Feelings to Your Health

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 28, 2021 • Lifestyle

It is easy not to prioritize your health due to the busy schedules that you engage in during the day. Mostly, your general mood is dependent on the external surroundings and your reactions towards them. Different situations will trigger different feelings and emotions, which you can express during your daily activities.

It may be difficult for people to let go of certain emotions or focus their efforts elsewhere due to the intensity of their feelings. In turn, it affects your mood and, to an extent, your immediate surroundings. These emotions can sometimes take a toll on your general well-being. Its effects can range from mere irritability to dire consequences like depression or death.

How Can Emotions Affect Your Mood?

Emotions need no introduction in the face of any human being. Even children and infants will express their joys and displeasure in reaction to activities within their surroundings. You need to be aware of your emotions to know how to control your emotions.

The scientific connection between your moods, emotional triggers, and physical behavior in humans is mind-boggling. Happy emotions will often elicit energetic, bright, and positive reactions. The contentment, joy, and laughter will give you the jitters and excitement about life.

These emotions usually affect your general feel, thus affecting your physical health. Most importantly, your psychological health is affected by how you feel. Positive thoughts triggered by happy emotions will boost your confidence and deal with your physical and mental health.

In contrast, negative emotions will lead you to seek alternative solutions to feel good. The most common way of suppressing negative emotions is stress eating, indulgence in poor lifestyle habits and company, or poor self-care habits.

The Effects of These Emotions on Your Health


High-stress levels will often affect your skin tone and appearance due to different changes in the hormones released. Though the effects may be slow and gradual, you will realize the changes much later when the results have worsened. These stress levels are known to re-ignite or worsen previous skin conditions. You need to understand the concept of science-based skincare and stress management to conquer your emotions and their effects.


It is easy for anyone to fall into depression during their down moments. It is because of the numerous thoughts and feelings that bombard your mind during this period. It is possible to turn your anxiety into depression due to your current mood, so you need to prioritize your mental health constantly.

Avoid triggers that will cause you to delve further into the depression pit. Feel free to contact experts who will help you keep and control your emotions. Learning how to accept and embrace your thoughts and feelings is an art that needs constant practice. It may seem easy to take certain situations, but it requires an in-depth understanding and acceptance – one that will eliminate any regret or attached feelings to the said incident.

Taking care of yourself should be your topmost priority. Remember, you cannot serve, love, or interact with others if you carry a lot of baggage with you. Set yourself free and be happy. It is the best ornament and expression you can wear.


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