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Factors to keep in mind when selecting a shampoo for your beloved dog!

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Dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s a given that they should be treated with the best possible care out there. These include particulars such as the shampoo used to wash the said dog, as well as the conditioner to ensure their fur remains spick and span.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, here are great tips for selecting the most ideal shampoo for one’s dog.

Identifying the needs

One of the things to keep in mind is the health and comfort of the said dog.

For example, utilizing moisturizing shampoo containing ingredients such as honey and Vitamin E can be great to get rid of the dog’s itchy and dry skin conditions.

On the other hand, conditioning shampoos, which happen to be thicker, are essential when it comes to curbing hair loss as well as smoothening out tangles.

However, do note that the shampoo cannot be effectively used on dogs that have an oily coat.

For aloe-based shampoos, they are also great for soothing any instances of itchy skin. Moreover, because they are full of vitamins, proteins, as well as minerals, they help in improving the shine of a dog’s coat.

Last but not least, there are also deodorizing shampoos. However, these should be applied with care especially if the dog in question happens to have extremely sensitive skin.

Image: Buzzsharer.com

Image: Buzzsharer.com

That being said, one should also have a look at dog shampoo for allergies if their dog is suffering from any severe allergic reaction.

Avoiding chemicals

When purchasing a dog shampoo, ensure that it has no chemicals that can cause an adverse effect to the dog. In fact, ensure to avoid content such as artificial colors, alcohol, as well as preservatives that can result to fur loss or inflammation.

That being said, it’s a must that one reads the labels first to have a look out for any chemical adversaries that might prove fatal to the dog. Be on the lookout for over-insistence on words such as natural and organic; which might be hiding the actual ingredients within the shampoo.

Alternatively, one should opt for organic shampoos for best results. Though they might be a tad bit on the expensive side, they are a safe bet and won’t cause any reactions with the dog.

Give medicated shampoo a try

If a dog happens to have a persistent skin condition, it would be wise to manage the condition with medicated shampoos.

The benefit of these shampoos is that some of them contain pyrethroid-based ingredients that kill the ticks as well as other parasites that can be found on the dog.

That being said, do note that these shampoos are not advised to be used on dogs that are below 4 months old, as well that dogs that happen to be pregnant.

Moreover, when selecting a medicated or therapeutic shampoo, ensure that it is meant to be used on dogs only.

Lastly, for dogs that happen to be hypersensitive to certain scents and chemicals, ensure to utilize medicated shampoos that have hypoallergenic properties.

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