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Reducing the Pout! Learning To Keep the Happiness in Your Face

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 26, 2021 • Other

Have you ever been told that you are doing the duck face too much? When we are trying to make our beauty shine in so many ways, the answer may lie closer to home than we realize. Beauty and radiance are all about making sure we know how to keep happiness on our faces. And while we may find ourselves fighting against the wrinkles, show you a few methods to keep that radiance and happiness in your face.

Take the Tension Out of Your Face

While you could get cosmetic surgery abroad to permanently take the tension out of your face, there are things you can do that are closer to home. You may find yourself grinding your teeth in your sleep or constantly furrow your brow. When you become more aware of what your face is doing, you are better equipped to get rid of the tension. The physical tension in your face is picked up by other people, and the best approach is to look in the mirror and see what your eyebrows are doing, if you are stressed, or if you are experiencing a subtle bit of tension. As soon as you start to let those small muscles in your face, shoulders, and neck unclench, you will see a big difference.

Fix Your Posture

Great body positioning is one of the great tricks to appear happy. Good posture can make you feel better, as you can see in this YouTube video, because of the implications on your subconscious. But many people have to practice good posture. If you want to look happier, you need to practice the following:

-Line up your major joints, keeping your shoulders above your hips, which stay above your knees, which stay above your ankles. Forming that straight line from bottom to top will make a significant difference.

-Keep your chin parallel to the floor.

-Pull your shoulders back, and puff your chest out slightly. Check your posture in the mirror to make sure that your spine is upright, and not backward or forward.

Making Yourself Smile

You might worry about crow’s feet if you smile too much. However, making yourself smile makes you look happier, which will have a great impact on your frame of mind. You may worry about wrinkles, but a big smile has an abundance of physical benefits, such as making you more attractive and making you look younger. In addition, making yourself smile triggers happy neurochemicals in your brain. When smiling, aim for a big smile where you show your teeth. In addition, learning to laugh a bit more. It’s such a simple thing, but learning to laugh makes you look happier.

We’re on the hunt for beautiful skin and the fountain of youth, but we must remember that one of the big keys to looking younger is looking happier. When you are trying to fight the wrinkles, you must remember that having radiance in your face is going to be far more photogenic than the duck face!

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