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Are You Ready Yet? Getting Prepped For Date Night

Post by Taislany Gomes • November 11, 2022 • Other

So, you’ve got date night booked into your busy schedule; the whole thing should bring you joy and nothing less. However, some people can experience pre-date nerves (not the good kind) and even stress and anxiety over a variety of reasons when going on a date, especially if it’s with someone you haven’t known for very long. Therefore, it’s time to take the whole thing step by step and eliminate any pre-date stresses. Actually, you can totally go one better, and make the whole process something you can’t wait to repeat.

Get involved in the planning and booking, and give yourself enough time to indulge in the process of getting ready; it can be pretty therapeutic. Rather than rushing out the front door flustered; you’ll be able to float out, serenely, ready to enjoy the hours ahead. The following are some ideas on where to start reworking your date nights so that the only butterflies you feel in your stomach are due to pure excitement. 


Okay, so nobody’s anxiety was magically cured by somebody saying just don’t worry about it. However, all that’s meant here, regarding overthinking the date is putting more focus on the fun stuff you’ll enjoy, rather than anything else. Also, don’t go in with extreme expectations. Let the night flow naturally, even if you’ve been looking at custom engagement rings all week, be present in that very moment, without the pressure of what the future holds. Great cocktail in hand? Wonderful; that’s all you need to think about right then.


Booking a restaurant or activity yourself will take so much of your stress away. Don’t be afraid to go with the comfortable and familiar; you’ll be confident about what to expect, wear, and how the night may look, and, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your date will appreciate the knowledge you’ve brought to the table, especially if it’s a literal table and you have an excellent recommendation from the menu. Make sure you’re heading somewhere you know how to get to with ease, and you’ll take an element of the time fear out of the picture too. 

Treat Yourself

Yes, this part is enabling you to get that Charlotte Tilbury lipstick you’ve had your eye on, or the Laura Mercier bath soak. Whatever treats you feel the need to indulge in, to make you feel as confident as possible; do it. Give yourself plenty of time for that bath, face mask, and extra-long skincare routine; you’ll be strutting out the door with confidence in no time. And, if hair and makeup, or getting ready fill you with dread; book a blow dry, get your makeup done at the counter, or grab a friend who knows how to contour better than Nikki Tutorials. Sort out whatever it is you need to have a good time getting ready; it’ll set the tone for the whole evening. 

A Plan For Afters

This sounds terrible, but, make sure you have a believable (could even be true) excuse to exit the date whenever you choose to; you’ll feel better knowing there’s no pressure to stay put. However, it’s also worth having a bar or two in mind for after the date, if it goes well. Stick to whatever you’re comfortable with, but heading in knowing what you might do if the date goes, either way, will always help ease those nerves. 

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