#TaislanyTravels To Koh Samui (Travel Diary) - Diário de Viagem: Tailândia

#TaislanyTravels To Koh Samui (Travel Diary)

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#TaislanyTravels To Koh Samui (Travel Diary)

Forget about grey skies and rain. I am about to take you on a stunning visual tour of this paradise called Koh Samui. For some weird reason, until I met my boyfriend I had never thought about visiting Thailand. He lived there for a few years and obviously filled me in on how amazing Thailand actually is. After some heavy persuasion, I finally gave in and we bought the tickets to visit Koh Samui.

A little airport style never hurt nobody! London ✈️ Singapore ✈️ Koh Samui
Koh SamuiLong trip ahead, so I decided to wear something comfortable but yet giving the hint that I was going to a sunny place.
Koh SamuiThis was our first “big” trip together as a couple and as usual, I had loads of expectations to be met. I mean, I work hard in order to be able to have nice holidays/experiences and this trip was no exception. After hours and hours researching which hotel to stay in we decided to go for Chaweng Regent Beach Resort. Koh SamuiI’m always a little skeptical about hotels, you can never trust the photos you find on the internet. But I have to admit that we were really happy with our hotel and most importantly our room.
Koh SamuiKoh SamuiDid I mention that we were celebrating 1 year anniversary? The hotel team made the check-in experience so much more special by preparing this little surprise. Koh SamuiKoh SamuiKoh SamuiOn our first day, we went for an al fresco meal at the beach. The best companion to this simple but yet delicious food was the beautiful ambiance at Chaweng Beach.Koh SamuiKoh SamuiThe nature in Samui is breath-taking, the air is fresh and clean and to my surprise, the beaches were not crowded at all.Koh SamuiKoh SamuiThe cool thing about Koh Samui is the fact that it is very diverse.  At night the party seekers will find a lively night-life.  There’s a vast option of  bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. Speaking of restaurants, here are some of my favorite meals:

Red Snapper Restaurant & Bar Koh SamuiThis Mediterranean-influenced restaurant has a selection of delicious dishes and a beautiful decor to go with it.
Koh SamuiChom Talay Restaurant – This was our hotel’s restaurant and it specializes in international cuisine. We only ate there twice as it was a little overpriced but the view was amazing! We had breakfast included in our deal so we were really lucky to be able to start our day with such a blessed view.
Koh Samui Koh SamuiI don’t remember the name of this restaurant, but their beef stir-fry was very tasty. I also really enjoyed their Mango Sticky Rice.
Koh Samui Koh SamuiIf  you get the chance, make sure to stop at Mr. Crab – their food is absolutely delicious and super cheap – definitely one of my favorite stops to grab something quick to eat.Koh SamuiWe were looking for a peaceful stay so we took a break from all the city noise amidst the palm trees on the beach for most of the days. However, you can’t really leave Koh Samui without going on an excursion so we decided to take a boat trip to the Marine Park. You need to climb some narrow steps but once you get to the top (OMG) the view is stunning! I’m so glad that I was able to experience the thrill of discovering it!Koh SamuiBreakfast time! I had the same every day. I did change the selection of fruits from time to time but stayed loyal to the healthier options. We had breakfast at around  8am and it was already warm, so I guess that’s why I didn’t go for my usual choice: bacon and eggs.Koh Samui

Marine Park:

Koh SamuiKoh SamuiYou will spend a few hours on a boat (make sure to use loads of  SPF) but if you like adventures it will definitely be worth it. The park is 250 square kilometers, though we only get to see a tiny portion. But let’s be honest, the real highlight of this trip was just relaxing by the beach , the spectacular views, great company and good food.Koh SamuiLet’s not forget about the famous Thai massage. I tried a few at the beach but my favourite spot for some down time was Sense Spa in Koh Samui. The atmosphere is very relaxing. I definitely recommend everyone to visit at least once during your Koh Samui Vacation.Zense Spa Koh SamuiHope you guys enjoyed the read. If you have any questions feel free to comment in the post.


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