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Let’s be honest, intimate health is a tricky, embarrassing or awkward topic at the best of times, but don’t you think it’s time we get more comfortable with it? I personally think that we should feel comfortable to discuss it more openly as it is such a common thing amongst both men and women.

Yes, you heard right: thrush is not just a feminine issue which is why we should open up the conversation to both the men and women in your lives so they can feel like they have support no matter how delicate this might sound like.

I’ll admit when writing this post the idea did make me feel a little uncomfortable at times – but we all have to make sure our beautiful private parts remain healthy and happy so, let’s just say goodbye to all the taboo around it and get comfortable with it!When I came across Canesten’s Thrush in men post, I was so surprised to know that this is not only an issue us, girl’s face. 

The fact that I didn’t even know that guys also suffered from what is a common thing in the female world made me want to share this topic with you guys and tell you that we need to educate ourselves and the next generation of male & feminine intimate health, so we can prevent these intimate health problems from occurring.

On Canesten’s website there is lots of information about the topic so, if you’re sat there now feeling embarrassed or like you’re lacking in the knowledge, please do check their What is thrush page.

The #LetsTalkHealth campaign is such an important initiative so, make sure to get involved, educate yourself about it and also take part in the conversation!

What Is Thrush?

This fungus is naturally found on the skin however when the natural balance is disturbed – it multiplies excessively.

Most Common Symptoms:

Itchiness – Redness – Soreness

Ways to prevent it:

Eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink lots of water and listen to your body. Most of the times, it shows you when something is not quite right.

Recap of useful links:

Thrush in Men – here
Thrush in Women – here

We take care of our appearance… the stuff on the outside but countless times we forget to take care of what’s inside. Let’s stop that today and make sure to put health first.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Make sure to leave your comments below.

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