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Simple Home Styling with Posterlounge

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 11, 2021 • Decor, Other

Simple Home Styling with Posterlounge

Something that we were planning to do this year was decorating the office. It’s so funny how we always underestimate how long little projects can take. So, we decided to take the first steps and start by adding personality to the room by adding wall art. It’s so amazing how by adding color and shapes the room can really feel like a totally new space.

We decided to pick wall‑art from Posterlounge as I already have some beautiful pieces and website has a huge diversity of prints to choose from which is pretty awesome.

Posterlounge is an online art publishing house based in Germany and is known for its high‑quality pictures. When I first got some of their products last year I couldn’t believe how good the quality of both the prints and frames were. If you’re expecting standard poster paper, you’re in for a surprise because it’s almost like a photograph. Their designs vary from photographs to illustrations with lots of different styles. When you find a print that you like you can choose the size you would like it in as well as the finish.

There are lots of choices including canvas, wood, metal, and of course your traditional poster print. You can also choose to have your print framed should you wish to. Having them delivered already framed is seriously amazing and extremely convenient! They are really good value for money too – the smaller sizes starting at just £5.95.

Wild Life Black and White Theme

My Original Idea (I designed it with Photoshop)

One of the things I really love is a picture wall. After having a good long browse through Posterlounge’s website, I came up with a couple of ideas to create a black and white vibe. The furniture in the office is pretty dark so, this combination of prints feels like the perfect addition to the room. After browsing for a couple of hours, I narrowed down some favorites. Then, on a piece of paper, I drew out the dimensions of the wall and sketched out what picture would work best and where. It took a few attempts to get it right and I still didn’t quite manage to get it 100% but I think the end result looks pretty good. Here’s how it turned out:

I wanted to add pictures that represented wildlife as we love animals and some motivational quotes to keep us going whenever we needed a reminder to keep going. Basically, little elements that make us all smile.

The frames are the Picture Frame LOFT in white/black and they were stuck up on the wall with Command Strips as it’s so easy and gives us the freedom to change it all around if we ever wanted to do a little re‑decorating session.

These posters have all been framed by Posterlounge. As I mentioned, they offer a framing service (always framed by hand) and you can choose the style you would like when you place your order. Their frames are much better quality than many other brands I have purchased before.

Make sure to have a look at their website; you’ll fall in love with their artwork.

So there you have it, a quick update to our home office with just a few posters. I’m so pleased with them, hope you liked it too!

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