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Keep your influential empire growing with these helpful influencer management tips

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 22, 2021 • Other

When you’re an influencer, success can be addictive. You’ve grown your online channels and social media following from nothing, and everyone who said you couldn’t make it has been most certainly proved wrong. It’s a great feeling, but one of the biggest issues that successful influencers face is keeping themselves organised and maintaining that high level of success and engagement 365 days of the year.

Frustratingly, other issues tend to get in the way and make balancing your social media platforms and your blog more like a juggling act. From money management and invoicing concerns to organising your time well, connecting with followers, networking, and collaborating with other influencers and even taking those much-needed breaks. What was once a hobby is now a full-time job that requires full management and supervision at every turn.

So, how can we make things easier for ourselves? I’ve collected some simple tips that will keep your influential empire growing and make your demanding life so much easier to manage. Read on to find out more. Take control of your finances

I’m sure when you uploaded your first humble vlog, or you posted your first grid-post or story on Instagram, that you didn’t ever imagine you’d have to take on additional financial responsibilities! Frustratingly, it’s a time-consuming process and without the right tools, things can get complicated, fast! However, did you know that you can create your business invoice with And by using their easy and user-friendly software, you can tailor and customise all your invoices within seconds? 

Having the right tools to hand means that you’ll have more time to do what you do best – content creation! With the right software behind you, it’s never been easier to grow your online empire, so whether you’re requesting payment for a collaboration, or you’re looking to get paid for the sponsorship work you completed for a third party, you’ll be able to send an invoice quickly and maintain control of your finances with ease. 

Plan at least three months ahead

Written down, this is a daunting prospect. However, in the world of online advertising, influencers, trends, styles and content creation – it’s all part of the job. Planning your content in advance means you’re ready to hit the ground running. Whether you’re planning your summer clothing hauls in January, or you’re thinking of stocking fillers in the middle of August, being ahead of the curve will give you the competitive edge in this crowded market. 

And finally, remember to rest

As mentioned above, success is addictive, and when your entire career and personal life is based online, it’s not always easy to know when to take a step back. Influencers work incredibly hard to create content and maintain a high level of engagement with followers, it’s so much more than a 9-5. Creating a daily schedule and incorporating rest days into your week will ensure you have time to reflect, recharge and fully unwind from this addictive and often volatile working environment! 

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