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A Guide To Vacationing In The UK

Post by Taislany Gomes • August 05, 2019 • Travel

Aside from taking a special effort to preclude going to London at the busiest time of the year (summer), there’s no right or wrong way to explore and discover the UK. It’s bursting with life, atmosphere, and endless entertainment. Vacationing in the UK will provide you with an immersive and thoroughly enjoyable experience, so figure out how best to make your way around and what to see and do while you’re there with the following handy guide:

Spend Less Time In London

Of course, you’ll need to swing by London for the sheer excitement, the hustle and bustle, and atmosphere of it all, however, why not spend a little less time here and more exploring other parts of the UK that have just as much to offer? You’ll find there’s so much fun to be had in other large cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Brighton, for example.

Saying this, if you’re up for the hecticness of London and always having something to do, then by all means stay there for as long as you want and explore all the amazing nooks and crannies it has. You cannot ever be bored in the capital, however, if you’re looking to find a more relaxed part of the UK, think about heading South and traversing The South Downs for example.

Why The South Downs?

The South Downs offers some of the most outstanding natural beauty the country has to offer, and it’s really something to see at all seasons of the year. Here you’ll find open landscapes, peaceful agricultural land with sheep and cows grazing, and you’ll be given a real insight into traditional country living complete with idyllic villages. You’ll be able to hike, go out walking, cycling, and even kayaking on the many rivers and lakes.

The South Downs stretches from Eastbourne (near Brighton) to the Valley of Hampshire. Consider staying in Holiday Cottages Hampshire in order to stay centrally and get out to explore with easy routes to the countryside.

Make Use Of The Trains

The British train networks have received pretty hard press in recent years, mostly due to delays and unreliability. With this said, however, nine times out of ten they run without a hitch and they’re extremely handy to get you from one end of the country to the other without having to tackle the roads, which if you’re traveling in summer, can get overpacked.

If you’re traveling cross-county, then always be sure to reserve a seat. Trains are quick moving, and providing you book them early enough, are reasonably cheap when you unearth discounts and deals.

A Rich History

The UK is steeped in history, so if you’re a keen historian or just simply love learning about bygone eras and medieval traditions and wares, then you certainly won’t struggle to find things to do. There’s history everywhere you turn in the UK, but be sure to go to the following areas to appreciate the former, the ancient, and the archived.

Head to the likes of Winchester to see the famous 11th century cathedral as well as King Arthur’s Round Table, then go on to Oxford to peruse around the old city and see some of the most beautiful architectural design it has to offer, and not forgetting Liverpool Docks, Leeds, and Manchester all in the North of England.


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