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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to: Small Living Room

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 31, 2017 • Decor, Lifestyle

I am finally moving out of my mum’s house!! Did I really say that out loud? It feels like I have been keeping this for the longest time ever but it has only been a few days since we found our little flat.

When I say “we”, I mean my boyfriend and myself. You’ll probably hear a lot of “we” from now on as we have finally decided to move in together (it’s all happening in under 10 days).

This decision hasn’t just happened out of the blue, we were flat hunting for one month and came across this cute flat in South-East London and fell in love. We arranged the viewing and decided to go for it on the same day, crazy huh? I really thought that we would look for the “perfect home” for at least a couple of months but it was quicker than I ever, though.

However, there’s so much to consider when moving and I didn’t realise how much a home requires and how much things cost. I’m at the stage of realising that even the basic stuff is expensive – anyway, this is my first reality check I’m sure there will be much more to come.

You guys always come with me on my adventures and this time won’t be different. Be prepared to see lots of home decor posts along with my tips and tricks I learn in the way. I am no professional at interior design but, fun fact), I have always loved it and actually considered getting a degree to become one. I guess this is my chance to see if I should give up blogging and become an interior designer (only joking). Without further ado.

Our flat is fairly small so, I decided to share the inspirations I am using to make it just perfect. Without further ado:

Small Living Room Inspirations ??

Creating a small living room décor can seem like an easy job but making a room look wider, comfortable and beautiful, without overdoing it is quite a big job. Because of the lack of space, decorating a small living room requires some extra care if the goal is to get a more spacious environment.

The living room, in particular, is one of the most used rooms of a house, it is also the place where we welcome friends and family. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to do some planning, in order to achieve your dream living space.

In small environments, that old adage: “Less is more.” Makes perfect sense. The smaller the number of things in the room, the lighter the room will be, and consequently, it will appear to be larger. And this is something that many people ignore. If like mine, your living room is small, try to only get what is really necessary. Here are the essentials:

-TV Rack
-Coffee table
-Decorative objects

Remember: “Clean space, clear mind.”Small Living RoomI have always been obsessed with minimal decor. It’s no surprise that I will be integrating it into the flat. I want the flat to have Scandinavian vibes without making it look like a showroom – it is a home after all.Small Living RoomHow am I going to achieve the homely feeling? By injecting colour, plants, and other warm accessories. I really want the flat to be warm and welcoming in order to host little get together’s with my friends and family! A good way to make a space sense good vibes is to have scented candles and flowers.Small Living RoomIdeally, I want to keep the lighting soft and inviting. Fairy lights are definitely on my wishlist (not sure my boyfriend agrees).

There are some visual tricks that help gain breadth. Having mirrors on the walls is a great trick. Another interesting trick is to go for light curtains, to give the feeling of a brighter space.Small Living RoomI have my eye on a classic grey sofa which will be the room’s focal point and will introduce pattern with cushions and a rug. It will be nice to get a statement floor land and coffee table to contrast with the soft colours.Small Living RoomHaving an unfurnished flat is absolutely exciting, I have a blank canvas to work with. Which allows me to bring some arty effects and decorative pieces together. I am excited to finding the perfect balance between trendy and functional.

Having an apartment that is chic yet affordable seems totally possible. I guess we will find out together!

Now it’s your turn… have you moved from your parent’s house yet? If so, what are your tips and where did you your get inspiration from?


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