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Getting the Most Out of this Year´s Skirt Trend

Post by Taislany Gomes • June 05, 2018 • Fashion

For many years, women have not really been wearing skirts much. So, unsurprisingly there was not a great selection available in the shops. Well, that has certainly changed. Retailers like now have hundreds of different skirts available.

This is great news because skirts are really versatile items of clothing. There are so many different cuts available and plenty of ways to wear them. Here is a quick roundup of the most versatile cuts, with a couple of suggestions about how and when you could wear them.

Pencil skirts

It has been a while, but, the pencil skirt is very much back in fashion. This cut looks good on virtually any woman. You just need to buy the right one. This article tells you everything you need to know about choosing a pencil skirt to suit your body type.

This cut is particularly elegant. For a summer wedding, a nice silk pencil skirt paired with a simple blouse and matching jacket makes a great outfit. You will look extremely stylish and because silk is a natural fabric, find it easy to stay cool even on the hottest days.

For the office, a pencil skirt suit is a good option. It looks very businesslike, but, if it gets too hot and you have to ditch the jacket, you will still look smart enough.

Elegant maxi skirts

The maxi skirt has actually been quite popular for a few years now and with good reason. It is a surprisingly versatile garment. A thin, flowing one is perfect for taking with you on a beach holiday. They take up very little space in the case and are a glamorous option for wearing in the evenings.

Casual denim skirts

The great thing about denim is that it is quite hardwearing. So it keeps its shape well and hangs right, even after you have been in it all day.

Midi skirts

I am a big fan of midi skirts. There are so many ways to wear them and they are very flattering. If you want to find out more about choosing the right midi skirt, getting the fit right and when to wear them, just click this link. There you can read the in-depth article I wrote on exactly that subject.

Wrap skirts

For the summer months, wrap skirts are ideal. They come in a range of formats, so it is relatively easy to find one that flatters your figure. If your weight fluctuates a lot, a wrap skirt would be an especially good addition to your wardrobe. Just be sure to buy the type that actually does allow you to adjust the waistband.

If none of the above skirt styles appeal to you, do not worry, because there are several other possibilities. For example, a lot of stores are also stocking chino, jersey, hippy and pleat skirts. You just need to spend a bit of time trying a few on to see which ones suit you. The fact that there is such a good choice available, means now is a particularly good time to go skirt shopping.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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