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Endosphères Therapy – First Impressions

Post by Taislany Gomes • May 22, 2018 • Beauty, Lifestyle, Reviews

You’ve probably seen a lot of people talk about The Endosphères Therapy for treatment against cellulite and that it promotes better circulation, right?

So get ready, because I have got news for you – I did my first sessions a few days ago with Pietro Simone at Nyumba Salon in Slone Square.


First I will clarify some points about this technique:

“The Endosphères Therapy Method represents the one and only true non-invasive, anti-cellulite, global innovation”

Endosphères Therapy is the revolutionizing mix between beauty and health that has been created by leading Italian medical professionals and top-level bioengineers. With over 10 years of research and successful implementation around the world, Endosphères Therapy represents the most advanced product in the treatment of various types of cellulite.

By cleverly combining both micro-vibration and micro-compression technology the therapy triggers fat cells to break down and increase lymphatic drainage. The treatment uses multiple rotating spheres, causing a pulsating effect to help contour problem areas such as the legs, arms and stomach.

Through this ‘pulsating compression’ method, fat deposits are pressurized and therefore loosen to finally break down, which the body can then naturally remove, allowing for the re-shaping of the fat and adipose tissue.

These spheres also stimulate fibroblasts which are responsible for elastin and collagen production to make the tissues smoother and firmer whilst reactivating blood circulation to improve skin tropism and cellular oxygenation.

Thanks to the uniqueness of Endosphères Therapy, the treatment can be repeated over time, and without any contraindications to sun exposure.


Regarding the price of each session, it is recommended that the clinic offers a continuous treatment so that the result is potentiated and lasts longer. Here are the prices:

Facial treatments start from £80.00
Body Treatments from £120.00

Treatment time: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours – a course of 12 treatments recommended.


As I only did one session, the difference is significantly small but I did notice that my skin looks smoother and the appearance of cellulite is much less visible.

I had it done on my legs and stomach and I am quite sure that if I did 9-10 more sessions my body would look amazing.

Hopefully, I will get to do a few more sessions and update you on the results.


Cellulite treatments require special care, but in general, one should be to avoid sun exposure in the treated area. It is also recommended to drink a lot of water to help in the elimination of toxins, to follow a balanced diet and to practice physical exercises.

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