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Eight decorating tips for the perpetually stressed

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 21, 2019 • Lifestyle

There are very few things in our lives that we have 100% control over. How our homes look, feel and function is one of them. So, if you are living your life as a ball of stress and confusion and you long for a home that is able to deflate you and leave you feeling fresh and ready to face the next working day, we’ve settled on eight simple tips that can will subtly transform your home into a completely stress-free haven.

Natural high – Plants and flowers create an instant boost and also have an important function – they clear the air of toxins and produce oxygen, making our homes literally breathe easier. So, try putting a plant in every room if you can and remember to water them often!

Declutter – There’s nothing quite as stressful as sitting in a room surrounded by useless clutter. Give yourself a weekend to declutter your home and you’ll find yourself in a more calm, settled and productive place.

Let the light in – Natural sunlight is the perfect foil to the drab darkness that descends during the winter months. Try swapping out your heavy old curtains with something lighter, and remove any concerns around sizing by ordering made to measure blinds such as those from Swift Direct Blinds and you’ll find the home flooded with warmth and positivity.

Blue is the warmest colour – Whilst it’s easy to overlook, colour has a fundamental impact on how we feel and of all the common colours, blue is thought to be the least stressful colour. Indeed, it has been found to lower heart rates help us sleep and help us relax.

Softly softly – Soft textures are infinitely more comforting than harsher textures. There is a reason why we all enjoyed cuddling our teddy bears when we were young. This his an instinct that never truly leaves us, so if you are feeling stressed at home, swap out your furnishings with softer textiles, cuddly pillows and bouncy rugs.

Less is more – There is certainly something to be said about the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, which posits that there is a harmony that exists between people and their physical spaces. It’s this reasoning that led to the popularity of the minimalist design movement. Experiment with stripping back the non-essentials in your home and you’ll be amazed how much more at peace you’ll feel.

Distract yourself – There’s a reason why so many restaurants and office waiting rooms include fish tanks and magazines or pastoral paintings – distraction can be comforting. So, whilst minimal is all well and good, let the walls and the empty spaces speak.

Go with the flow – Finally, maintaining a clear head means organising your home in a logical way – keeping the items you need most within reach at all times. It’s not just how your home looks, but how it functions and design plays a major role in that. In all, however, it’s all about experimenting about what works for you. It’s your home, after all.

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