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5 Travel Tips When Visiting Vietnam/Phu Quoc #TaislanyTravels

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 18, 2017 • Lifestyle Travel

If you follow me on Snapchat [taslanyy] and Instagram [@taislany] you already know that I’m currently in Vietnam. I’m super excited to be here which is why I decided to tell you a little more about it. Hopefully, it will help those who will soon visit Vietnam or want to get inspired. I’m slowly falling in love with Asia. The continent brings together cultural wealth, good food, good value for money and beautiful beaches. Today I will share: 5 Travel Tips When Visiting Vietnam/Phu Quoc ?? 1. Dialogue: The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. However, French is spoken as a second language by the older generations and the South population. I don’t speak either Vietnamese or French so you can imagine the struggle. Tip: English, is not spoken fluently (I’ve never done so many mimics in my life), so always have a hotel card and the address where you want to […]

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Post by Taislany Gomes • December 12, 2016 • Lifestyle Reviews Travel

If you are anything like me you will know that there are 12 days 7 hours 28 minutes and a few seconds until Christmas. Yes, I do have a Christmas countdown, cheezy? Could be, but I love Christmas way too much to even care. I have been living in London for nearly 11 years so I think that I should suggest my Top 5 Things to do in London this December. TOP 5 THINGS TO DO IN LONDON THIS CHRISTMAS  1. Department stores: London has the most festive spots, you’ll find beautiful Christmas lights and window displays, making it the perfect setting when picking up gifts on your list. Covent Garden piazza is a great place to start, you’ll be surrounded by immaculately decorated streets and the perfect breakfast options, which mean that you can grab your morning coffee and then head to the shops and find the perfect gift for […]

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Review: Urban Massage (Massage in your own home)

Post by Taislany Gomes • November 14, 2016 • Lifestyle Travel

Small luxuries, make life so much easier. As you guys know I work from home and I need to admit that I have not planned many activities outside the house and when I do, I tend do reschedule until I have to cancel. This does not apply to blog events and meetings as I take my blog very serious but when it comes to e.g. hair and nails appointment I tend to feel lazy and end up not making to the saloon. Knowing myself so well, I knew that if I ever booked a massage at a Spa I would never make it! You don’t believe me right? Well, here is a SAD (in capital letters because it still hurts) fact: I paid £150 for 6 weeks of Bootcamp and guess what? I didn’t go, believe me now? I thought so! Not a proud moment but who hasn’t done something similar? I’m […]

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