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Affordable Jewelry

Affordable Jewelry That Look Incredibly Expensive

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 07, 2016 • Fashion Reviews

Styling affordable jewelry has never been easier. It’s time to change our opinion of inexpensive jewelry. By choosing the right pieces will add just the right amount of oomph without looking cheap. Under Zetterberg Couture, (who designs exclusive couture and ready to wear clothes as well as bridal collections) there’s Lily and Rose. Who not only designs the most beautiful pieces but also come with an extremely affordable price tag. I love these sparkly designs because it’s inspired by a mix of vintage and crown jewels. Like the glamorous characters of The Great Gatsby or the elegant aristocrat family in British period drama Downton Abbey. The Name of the brand comes from the TV series Sex and the City, about the lives of four fashionable women living in New York City. One of the main characters is wealthy Charlotte York Goldenblatt, who names her two daughters Lily and Rose. Cute right? […]

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5 Products That Made January More Exciting

7 Products That Will Brighten Up Your February

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 11, 2016 • Beauty Reviews

I can’t believe it’s already February, can you? I don’t know about you guys, but January seems to be a month where I tend to try loads of new products. I guess it’s due to the whole “New Year resolutions” mentality. And last month I was gifted a few products that I really liked, but I didn’t get the chance to share on the blog. So here are 7 Products That Will Brighten Up Your February: 1.Personalised Bracelet – Whistle & Bango: This bracelet has definitely made January and February a whole lot more exciting. I have been wearing it non-stop because it goes with anything you decide to wear. I have paired it with yellow & rose gold as well as silver accessories and guess what? It looks amazing every time. Not to mention that I have been asked where I got it from numerous times. You can personalize yours here (use the code TAISLANY10 to […]

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Vita Derm

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Vita Derm For Your Dry Hair:

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 22, 2016 • Beauty Reviews

  Since bleaching my hair, the visits to the hairdresser have increased from every two weeks (or more), to every week. As you may know from my previous post:Brazilian Blowout, I treat my hair with Leninha, and she uses a miraculous kit from Vita Derm (brazilian brand), which does an intense recovery of the hair. You’ve noticed that your hair breaking a lot? Or is beyond damaged? The first thing you should do is to reduce if not cut the flat iron and the curling iron. It will feel weird not using it, and it may even feel like you can’t live without them, right? I know, I felt the same for the first few days. If you really have to use heat make sure to use a good heat shield to protect the locks from even more damage, otherwise you’ll end up having to cut your hair off (own experience). 3 Reasons Why You Should […]

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