4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Midi Skirt This Spring

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 18, 2016 • Fashion

Remember the 4 Simple Style Tips When Wearing Midi Skirt? Well, this time let’s show some skin and find out the 4 Reasons Why You Should Wear Midi Skirt This Spring! Hope you’re ready: 1. They Will Make You Feel Feminine:Since we were little girls we’ve always associated big skirts and dresses to those beautiful fairy tail  princesses.  I mean, you can’t think of a better piece to bring out all your femininity than a gorgeous floral flowy skirt. 2. Midi Skirt’s Are Versatile:I have lots of friends that tell me that they don’t wear midi skirts because they need to wear it with a certain type of clothes or accessories and all I have to say is: Girl, Bye! Ha-Ha. Jokes aside, midi skirts are easier to style than most of us think. If you’re not into the whole statement print vibe, choose a one tone skirt. Take these two options as an example, it’s still stylish […]

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What to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 08, 2016 • Fashion

Still planning what to wear on Valentine’s Day? I have put together a casual but yet feminine outfit. But.. some of you might find it a little too casual, as there are no heels involved, but how good does it feel when you’re out and about with your crush without feeling like throwing the heels far away? I personally love heels but this year I decided to actually enjoy my date instead of torturing my dear feet ha-ha. As usual, I hope you girls like it. Valentines Day Outfit: The floral jewels set on the right pocket flap give the dress a little bedazzle; and will definitely impress your special someone on Valentines Day. How romantic is this “Rosie Tweed Dress”? It has been elegantly crafted from soft tweed and woven with white, pink and blue threads. Which makes it the perfect dress for Valentines Day. Because the dress is the key piece, I paired it with cool tones. […]

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Ombre Faux Fur

Post by Taislany Gomes • February 04, 2016 • Fashion

I am a big fan of warm coats, and this Ombre Faux Fur definitely keeps me nice and warm. I mean, how do you not love winter? That’s when you can get your stunning furry coats out of the closet and dress up different layers and textures without overthinking. The combination of Black, White and Dark Brown create harmony and excitement to the look. There’s nothing better than being warm and fashionable at the same time right? That’s why I decided to go for this look when it was freezing outside. Hope you like it: Ombre Faux Fur Engraved Bracelet From: Whistle & Bango – These stunning bracelets are gold or silver plated and they are handmade in London. I love that you can customise it with any message. I chose to engrave mine with my initials: T.G. Ombre Faux Fur: Little Mistress – Denim Jumpsuit: G-Star Raw – Boots: Lamoda Hope you girlies liked this look; […]

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