Things You Can’t Miss in Covent Garden

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 28, 2016 • Beauty Lifestyle

Covent Garden is one of my favourite areas in London. It’s full of life at all times – day or night. I tend to go to Covent Garden for anything. The area is full of restaurants, cafes, cute shops and the most importantly (for me) makeup stores. Last weekend, I was looking for organising boxes and lip pencils – guess where I went? Yes, you got me! Covent Garden! It’s such a great place to hang out as it is within walking distance of Soho and Trafalgar Square. I did a short video with things I think you can’t miss in Covent Garden: Things You Can’t Miss in Covent Garden Coffee Shops The area has the most adorable coffee shops ever! Every time I want to have a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate I tend to go to West End. My favourite is La Gelatiera, it has great coffee […]

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7 Must-Have Liquid Lipsticks

Post by Taislany Gomes • April 21, 2016 • Beauty

Liquid Lipsticks have been extremely popular – and because I’m a makeup lover, I tend to get caught on these trends. From KylieCosmetics to Jeffree Star Cosmetics – there are so many brands out there that it becomes hard to choose the right one. Here are my top picks. 7 Must-Have Liquid Lipsticks Kylie Cosmetics – Matte Liquid Lipstick: I mean, we all heard that this Lip Kit is the best liquid lipstick on the market, and I have to say that they did not lie. The formula on these lippies is great. The coverage and pigmentation are pretty damn good too. What I really liked about this product was the creamy texture that glides on – which makes life easier when you’re in a rush. It felt silky on the lips and did not dry them out. I have made a short video showing how it looks on (hope you guys like it). Favorite shades: Candy […]

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11 Must-Have Beach Essentials

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 03, 2016 • Beauty

Summer is just around the corner; you know that, when all you hear is people’s holiday plans to go to the beach. I will be going to Thailand in 11 days, so that’s all I think/talk about. And yes, I know you must be thinking: “I feel sorry for her work colleagues”. Well, I do too Ha-Ha! Onto today’s post. Is, there anything worse than realizing you forgot something such as your sunscreen or a hat? I personally, get very frustrated (you don’t want to see me annoyed). So, I have put together a guide with 11 Must-Have Beach Essentials that you cannot  forget this Summer: Beach Essentials: 1. Sunscreen: Is definitely, the most important item to have in your beach bag! Your skin normally burns after 10 minutes in the sun. However, by applying an SPF, it will increase your stay in the sun without burning for approximately 150 minutes. Easy choice uh? But, don’t forget to re-apply […]

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