7 Fashion Mistakes We Make at Parties and Events

7 Fashion Mistakes We Make at Parties and Events

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 29, 2024 • Fashion

There are tons of fashion mistakes we make in life. Looking good is a learning curve and no one really reaches you how to do it. Mostly because we are all different, and not all methods work for everyone. From undergarments to trends, here are some mistakes you could be making now.

Wearing the Wrong Outfit

Finding the right clothes for a party can be stressful. It isn’t uncommon for people to go shopping for a new outfit before a big night out or event. Women especially can spend hours in the day deciding between a long sleeve velvet dress or something more casual. It all depends on the event, of course. And what you wear can make you feel like a queen or very uncomfortable. Formal occasions are best for dresses, while smart casual will suffice for a party.

Fashion Mistakes Include Undergarments

This one really only applies to women. But undergarments can make a massive difference to your overall look. Around 60% of women feel negatively about their natural shape, and this can cause your confidence to plummet. Undergarments such as girdles, slimming underwear and bustiers can hide your “flaws” and accentuate the things you like. The added bonus is they can also make you feel sexier and more confident in the slim-fitting outfit or dress you’re wearing.

Wearing Too Much Bling

Accessories are essential as part of an overall ensemble. But you can go a bit overboard with how much you wear. It’s also important to note the style of jewellery and accessories you bring to the occasion, too. A formal dinner with a business partner or investors won’t be helped with massive hooped earrings and a disaster of a handbag straight from a Kardashian wardrobe. Tone it down, stick with the classics for a business event, and glam it up for a night out. 

Having a Makeup Disaster

Makeup is one of those things that you learn as you go. Fortunately, there are tons of excellent makeup tutorials on YouTube these days. But there are some golden rules to stick to.

Makeup for a casual occasion

  • Keep makeup clean and natural-looking.
  • Even out your skin tone and add a touch of blush.
  • Always use mascara and apply light lipgloss or shiny balm.

Makeup for a business event

  • Use a primer to help your makeup last longer for the day.
  • Define your brows with a pencil for a polished look.
  • Add a touch of black eyeliner and finish with light pink lipstick.

Makeup for a formal party

  • Use a primer for long-lasting effects, and don’t forget concealer.
  • Use bold eyeshadow and add light touches to the corner of your eyes.
  • Contour your cheeks for dimension, and go bold with lipstick.

Applying the right makeup for each event can make a massive difference in how you feel and how you are perceived. If you aren’t sure, then keep it light and simple to be on the safe side.

Not Making Time to Find a Good Fit

Women can often get away with wearing a dress that doesn’t quite fit perfectly. It is easy to conceal the flaws of a dress with accessories. However, men don’t really have that option. For men, clothes must fit very well to make an impression. Unfortunately, men don’t spend as long choosing an outfit as women, resulting in ill-fitting clothes. A shirt that is too big looks unkempt. Too small, and you look like a weirdo. Take your time and always check the fit in the store.

Following Trends Leads to Fashion Mistakes

We live in a world where it’s easier than ever to fall victim to fashion trends. Influencers, well, influence our decisions. This is especially true of the younger generations. Despite this, only around 8% of people claim to follow trends closely. Although, just looking out the window reveals this is probably much higher. However, an influencer is not you. And what looks good on them may not fit your style well. Spend time developing your unique look for the best results.

Ignoring Your Personal Comfort 

It is said that it hurts to look good. But does it really have to? There needs to be some distinction or merging of comfort vs style. Yet comfort is probably more important. No one is suggesting you turn up for an investor meeting in Slacks and a T-shirt. But wearing clothes and shoes that hurt will definitely impact your mood. And when you feel bad at a party, you will just want to leave and have a hard time socialising well. Take your time finding an outfit that also feels good.


Wearing the wrong outfit is among the top fashion mistakes we make at parties and other events. Makeup can also be a disaster. It also helps to ensure you are comfortable too.

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