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4 Ways To Prepare For Running A Marathon

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 16, 2018 • Fitness

Training for and running your first marathon is a great goal to have, but it can also be a very nerve-wracking and intimidating experience when you’ve never done it before! It’s a long way to run, and there’s a lot you should be doing to prepare ahead of time.

Discover what it is you need to be doing in advance so you can get a good idea if this is still a goal you want to complete or not. There will be a lot of training involved, so it’s a good idea to clear your schedule and prepare with the correct essentials, including adult pull ups, so you have plenty of time to fit in your daily runs.

Seek Advice from Other Runners

One way you can better prepare for running a marathon is to seek out advice from other runners who’ve participated in the event before. Pick their brains about how the experience was for them and ask for tips about what you can do to have this be a successful race for you. Find out what they did to prepare and take notes so you can use their advice to your advantage as you get ready to take on this challenge.

Join A Training Club

If you’re someone who finds it difficult to stay motivated to run on your own, then you may want to join a running or training club. This way you’ll be with a group of people who are all dedicated to achieving the same goal and less likely to slack. They’ll be counting on you to show up for regularly scheduled runs and to be dedicated to getting in shape for the race. It’ll also be nice to have support and encouragement from others if you find yourself struggling along the way.

Follow A Healthy Diet

It’s extremely important you not only increase the amount of food you’re eating as you train, but that you’re also following a healthy diet. Now is a good time to cut out the junk food, alcohol and sugary drinks and turn to eating more vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. Eating well will help you recover quicker and you’ll have more energy for completing long runs. Make sure you’re staying hydrated as well so you can continue to have successful training sessions.

Get Ready for Race Day

There’s a lot to do in preparation for race day including staying hydrated, getting a good night’s sleep and purchasing any supplies you’ll need. For instance, you may want to carry energy chews with you and buy and wear adult pull ups, so you don’t have to stop and use the bathroom. You’ll also want to mentally prepare by taking some quiet time to meditate or do some stretching or yoga to calm your nerves and racing mind.


Deciding to run a marathon is a lofty goal, but very doable with the right approach. These pieces of advice will help you in your journey to completing this long and intense race. Most importantly, have fun getting into better shape and be proud of yourself for all your hard work.

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