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4 Tips to Help Become Your Best Self

Post by Taislany Gomes • December 15, 2019 • Lifestyle

We all have a version of what our best self looks like rooting around somewhere in our head. It’s that magic combination of drive, perseverance, love and a touch of creativity that allows us to freely express our individuality and lead an authentic life.

Though the exact formula may differ a bit from person to person, there are some tried-and-true methods that can benefit anyone looking to live their life with intention and rise to meet their best self along the way. Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

1. Meet a New Challenge

No matter what type of challenge you set out to accomplish, you’re bound to learn and grow along the way as part of achieving that goal. Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a weekend cycling club or decided to start seeing a therapist. When trying to become the best version of ourselves, research says it’s important to focus more on intrinsic goals that foster community and intimacy, as opposed to something extrinsic like improving our status. The reason? Intrinsic goals tend to promote enhanced well-being, whereas extrinsic goals can leave you feeling unsatisfied.

2. Pursue Something You Love

Start that photography business. Sign up to hit the slopes for your first lesson. Open your own hair salon. In other words, make your passion into reality. But remember, the key is to pursue something you want to accomplish — and that you’ll enjoy doing and learning about in the process.

For instance, don’t get a master’s degree to impress your parents. Pursuing an achievement or career path due to societal pressure and norms or to live up to someone else’s expectations will only dampen your spirit and resolve. Instead, focus on fulfilling dreams and goals that are essential to your self-identity.

3. Schedule in Self Care

It may sound trite, but practicing self-care makes a big impact on how you show up in your day-to-day life. In fact, to ignore the physical needs of your body and the emotional needs of your soul is a lose-lose for both yourself and society. Invariably, not focusing on self-care leads to chronic stress, burnout and depression.

To get started, adopt and work toward achieving a healthy habit or two every day. Who knows? Before you know it, these habits will become part of your everyday self-care routine. So, try things like:

  • Doing some type of physical activity in the morning, afternoon or evening
  • Improving any bad eating habits
  • Meditating to discover your best self
  • Getting at least eight hours of sleep every night
  • Dating yourself (i.e., going out to dinner solo or visiting a museum you’ve been eager to check out)

Get rid of the idea that self-care is indulgent. Instead, know that developing — and maintaining — a great self-care routine can help brighten your spirit and keep you motivated as you work toward achieving new life goals.

4. Step into Self Love

Practicing self-love creates strong energy from within, thereby allowing you to trust your intuition and cultivate healthy boundaries. A major component of self-love is having an appreciation for your body and its ability to help you create and take on everything in life. One easy way to boost your self-confidence is simply to look yourself in the mirror.

Essentially, each time you step in front of the mirror, use positive self-talk to send a loving message to yourself. Try saying things like, “You are enough,” or, “I love you.” Once you’ve mastered this practice, increase your level of self-love by purchasing a bra and panty set that makes you feel confident and sexy in your own skin.

Let the Stars Align to Create the Best You

Becoming your best self isn’t something that happens overnight; rather, it requires intention and taking small, progressive steps forward to achieve goals. With that in mind, stay the course and you’ll show the world around you an example of how self-love and self-acceptance can align to create the best versions of ourselves.


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