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3 Things to Look for in a New Mattress

Post by Taislany Gomes • May 24, 2018 • Reviews

3 Things to Look for in a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress is a big step – it’s something which you use each day and you should put a lot of thought into a new mattress before making a final purchase. A good mattress is a major investment and can last for years with proper care and attention. In addition to this, a good mattress will look after you and help you get a flawless nights’ sleep for years to come.

A supportive and comfortable mattress promotes a good night’s sleep which will fend off many common ailments and enable you to perform at your optimum throughout the day. A cheap mattress, on the other hand, will lead to restlessness, a bad night’s sleep and a generally lower quality of life.

When buying a mattress, you have a lot to be thinking about, however, here are three stand-out things to take into consideration. You can also find lots of great mattress reviews on MattressTest.com.

#1: Ask About Returns

All the in-store testing in the world does not compare to when you actually get your mattress home and sleep on it for the first time. When buying a mattress, the very first thing which you need to ask the salesperson is whether they accept returns and what their returns policy is.

Many retailers will offer a trial period, and this is something you should be taking advantage of. This trial period is typically around one month, during which time you can return the mattress whenever you want to if it isn’t right for you.

#2: Try Before You Buy

If you are shopping for a mattress in-store, there is no shame in trying out the mattress there and then. Yes, this means laying down on the mattress and using it as you would at home. When testing out the mattress, go the whole nine yards – stretch out, curl up into your favorite sleeping positions and test out as many variables as possible.

Spending a good ten minutes testing out the mattress can be a great indicator as to its overall quality and whether it is suitable for you.

#3: Know the Size You Need

The size you need is not necessarily the size you already have. If you have had a mattress for the last ten years, for example, a lot will have happened since then. The kids may have moved out, you may no longer be sharing your bed with the family pet or you may just simply have had a mattress which was too big.

By downsizing, you can create some extra space in your bedroom and save some money at the same time. Think about your lifestyle and your needs before dropping a wad of cash on a new mattress!

Although buying a new mattress is a big deal, it’s not rocket science. By investing in a good quality mattress, you are not just paying for comfort, but for the health benefits which come with owning a good mattress. It is important to do your research and buy the perfect one for your needs.

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