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What to Wear on Your UK City Break?

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 23, 2019 • Lifestyle

The UK is home to a diverse range of cities. Each offers its own unique attractions and benefits. You’ll also find the dress sense can vary between each city too.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy a UK city break, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with local fashion before you head off. Here, you’ll discover what to wear on your next UK city break.


Out of all of the cities in the UK, London is by far the most diverse. Known as a cosmopolitan city, you can pretty much wear whatever you like without looking out of place in the capital. However, there are a few rules you’ll want to follow.

Due to the size of the city, you’ll likely spend a lot of time walking around. So, comfortable shoes are a must here. If you decide to dine in a fancy restaurant, you’ll also want to ensure you follow a smart casual dress code. Finally, if you’re thinking of taking the underground, it can become quite warm on the train. Wearing layers that you can easily remove if needed is therefore recommended.


Brighton is a top choice for UK city breaks and it’s actually really easy to get to. So much so, that you could even catch trains from an area such as St Albans and travel to Brighton with ease. So, what should you wear in this popular city?

As it’s a seaside city, you’ll want to make sure you wear casual warm clothing, unless you’re travelling in summer when it’s hot. You’ll also want to stick to comfortable footwear, and if you’re planning on heading into the sea it’s likely going to be cold. A one-piece bathing suit would be a better choice than a bikini here.


Leeds is more of a student city, so the fashion sense here tends to be casual and quirky. The majority of bars, restaurants and clubs request a casual dress code, but some might have stricter requirements. Therefore, it’s best to pack smart casual clothing as well as just t-shirts and jeans.


Close to Leeds, Manchester is one of the most popular cities in the UK. You’ll find there are two types of dress sense here, either casual or a more glamorous look. Even during the day you’ll often see people dressed up to the nines, although the main style does tend to veer more towards casual.

Deciding what to wear on any UK city break will largely depend upon the time of year and which city you’re heading to. The above are just a few key pieces of advice to follow when choosing your city break wardrobe.


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