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Want To Upgrade Your Man’s Style? Focus On These

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Men’s fashion can be somewhat complicated, despite how simple it can seem. Though basic outfits can be easy to put together, something stylish can be more difficult. Sometimes, a guy will need an extra hand. If your partner asks, you mightn’t know how to improve a man’s style.

You might still want them to dress better, however. Is there anything you can do? Naturally, encouraging him to develop a style of his own is recommended. There can be a few ways that you can help out with this, alongside specific things that you should focus on.

How To Improve A Man’s Style

Upgrade His Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit, so they’ll need a lot of attention. That doesn’t mean that you’ll need to go expensive with them. BOSS Trainers, among others, could be a stylish choice that’s also quite affordable.

Picking up a few in different styles and colors will be recommended. Having these spread across formal wear and informal wear is an ideal option. That’ll make sure they have appropriate footwear for any occasion.

In many cases, it can be worth picking up a pair of boots at the same time. These can go with a broad range of outfits and styles, making them quite an attractive choice.

Get Him Some Tailored Clothes

If your partner has some clothes that have gotten too big for him, you don’t have to throw them out. You should consider getting them tailored. That’ll not only be a stylish option, but it can be much more affordable than picking up some new clothes.

While you can do this with almost any article of clothing, you should focus on a few pieces. Jackets, coats, and jeans can all be some of the more notable options. Make sure that your partner communicates properly with the tailor when this is being done.

Doing so will make sure that the clothes not only look great when done, but are just as comfortable as they are fashionable.

Find A Signature Piece

Most women know what a signature piece is, and they can identify exactly what theirs is. That mightn’t be true for most men. Helping your man find his could be recommended. If you’re unsure what this is, it’s an accessory or something similar that’s relatively unique for their look.

Keeping this relatively unique can be a priority. It’s something that’s typically associated with your style. Make sure your man has something similar. A signature piece could be as small as a colored pocket square or a unique piece of jewelry.

In short, it’s something that your man should love wearing regularly, and that can fit in with most outfits.

Add A Nice Watch

While jewelry is often recommended for women, it isn’t as recommended for men. There are a few small pieces they can add, though. A stylish watch is the most notable of these. With the broad range of options on offer, there’ll be no problem finding one to match your man’s style.

These can range from skinny to quite chunky and everything in between. The various color and material options can also enhance this. Going with a classic silver or stainless steel watch, however, can be the best approach to take.

Not only will it have a timeless look, but it’ll fit in well with any outfit.

Embrace Monochrome

Most people think that they’ll have to have a lot of color in their outfit. After all, it can add a lot of contrast, especially if you’re using the right colors. Going with a monochrome look can be recommended for a man. This wouldn’t be as boring of a look as you could expect.

Monochrome could provide much more contrast than you’d expect. It also doesn’t need to be as dark as you’d think. Going with a different color and making it monochrome could be highly recommended. Some colors are much more recommended for this than others.

The most notable are dark blue, medium gray, and light grey. Keeping a monochromatic look overall can be an attractive one. Adding in one or two small pieces of a complementary color could take it to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to improve a man’s style could take a while. Working with your partner to do this will be vital. After all, it’s their style, so they should have a significant impact on the choice. You can always nudge them in certain directions, however.

Each of the above can be well-recommended options for almost any man’s style. Mixing and matching a few of them will be more than enough to complement and enhance almost any outfit.

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