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Post by Taislany Gomes • October 28, 2014 • Fitness

Today we are talking Fitness! I had the pleasure of training with my friend Kim and we decided to do Belly Dance for the first time. I already have a routine at the gym; however I decided to add some other exercises & classes to help me work other muscles and change the routine. It was a super fast Vlog, just to give you a little insight on how my Sunday’s go. Shall we check it out?

CaptureFor those who don’t know, I train at Reebok Sport’s Club; which is (in my opinion) an amazing gym! There’s a vast option of classes and two gym floors, which mean that even on peak time’s there are enough machines to be used.

So, right after the workout, I drink my  Gold Standard – 100% Whey Protein with my SmartShakehAs mentioned on the video, I absolutely LOVE Crush’s Smoothies. I normally get one everyday (I know.. I am addicted!), and my all time favorite is the Fat Burner which has: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, banana, apple juice, 98% fat-free probiotic yogurt with fat burner booster; and has 190 Kal.

To the right, there’s Nadia! She was our belly dance teacher; she is #HARDCORE! Instagram: @NadirHergunerler


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