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Why Two Piece Dresses are Becoming Popular as a Prom Dress

Post by Taislany Gomes • September 02, 2016 • Fashion

As years go by, fashion is changing; one of the places where this is noticeable is at prom. These days, dance halls and event venues are seeing more and more two piece dresses on prom night, despite the common and incorrect assumption that they are not quite formal enough for the event.  
Two Piece Dresses
Wearing a two-piece outfit to your prom doesn’t mean you’re slapping on jeans, mom’s pull over and a pair of sandals. There’s no reason to believe that a two-piece outfit is dressed down at all, even though it gives you the option to walk on the thin line of formality without falling off. But why are we beginning to see so many people preferring to wear a two piece outfit on prom night?

Two Piece Dresses as a Prom Dress:


Prom nights have a long and detailed history of dresses that look amazing, but for the most part, these dresses can get in the way of you truly enjoying your evening. Girls are constantly plagued by thoughts and fears of how their dress is behaving (or misbehaving). Are you sitting right to ensure your dress isn’t climbing the wrong way or creasing? Are you about to have a wardrobe malfunction? These are fears you could rather do without on your big night. There are some stunning two piece prom dresses you can find at reliable dress stores like Prom Dress Shop that allow you to bypass these worries with cardigans, shawls, and throw-overs which don’t just look great; they serve a practical purpose too.
Two Piece Dresses


Comfort is a big deal at prom night because the night is so long, yet so many girls completely overlook it that by the end of the evening, they look and feel more like a marathon runner at the end of a race, than a graceful prom queen. A two piece will keep you looking great while keeping the cold breeze off of your shoulders. You also won’t have to worry about where the bits and pieces of your outfit are hiding, or whose chair your scarf has been slung over because your outfit has been designed to work together throughout the evening.
Two Piece Dresses



Perhaps the most amazing thing about a two piece outfit is the ability to customize it as you see fit. They give you the freedom to mix and match different parts of the outfit without breaking the traditional formality which has come to be expected at the prom. You can even wear different types of shoes, ensuring that you’re comfortable the entire night without the need to sacrifice your entire look. This allows you to display your personality, individuality, and identity through your manner of dress in a way that other prom dresses don’t allow for. The best way to stand out in a crowd of people, who have arrived in similar styles, is to throw your personal flair on it, and it is this which makes the two piece dress so powerful.
Two Piece Dresses

Dressing down acceptably 

A lot of attention is paid to formality on prom night, with the men in suits and the ladies in long, graceful ball gowns, and not everybody enjoys this part of the whole thing. But dressing down for your prom night can have devastating consequences if people think you don’t quite make the bar of formality. A two piece prom dress is a wonderful way of walking the tight line between formal and personal without breaking too many rules.
Two Piece Dresses


Maintaining modesty 

A long-running complaint about the prom (usually by parents and teachers) is that the event seems to have become an excuse for people to dress as suggestively as they can. Often on prom night you can see ladies lined up with high slit dresses, exposed midriffs, low-cut tops that go just about to the belly button and as much skin on show as the person can get away with without being arrested. This is fine if you feel comfortable dressing in that way, but what about the girls who don’t?

Once again the two piece outfit comes to the rescue. A two piece outfit is a great way to look absolutely breath-taking, while still keeping your modesty. This is because they take advantage of items and accessories that make your natural beauty and sexiness shine, while still leaving something to the imagination. Two Piece DressesI hope you enjoyed reading the reasons why Two Piece dresses are becoming so popular as a prom dress. Have you ever worn anything similar? Let me know in the comments below.


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