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TOP 6 Pre-Holiday Purchases

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 16, 2017 • Fashion, Lifestyle

You might be wondering why I am already in the mood for the sunshine, right? I’ve been getting more and more inspired as I have finally decided where my next destination will be and most importantly… I have booked it, how exciting is that?! I will be going to Phu Quoc, Vietnam next month and when in search of pre-holiday purchases, I realized that I wanted to come up with my own pre-holiday guide with the things to take to the beach days.

TOP 6 Pre-Holiday Purchases ☀️

1. Let’s start with the luggage, I have the same one for over four years and really think that it’s time to get my hands on some new ones. I want something chic yet simple. I was surfing the Internet for something that fit my blogging full-time pocket and here’s what I found:

The American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Case

This style is the perfect companion for your travels. It combines chic and minimalistic vibes while keeping it looking tough and durable. This design gives me insurance that my belongings will stay safe and secure (it just does). It has great space so there’s lots of room inside for storage which means that we can take half our closet every time! holiday

2. Bikinis… Duh! If you’re going to be in the sun you need some cute bikinis or one-piece swimsuits. Have you guys realized that one-piece swimsuits have made its revival last year? I would take both so we can be carefree and go with what feels better at the time. I tend to wear bikinis at the beginning of the holidays and leave the one-piece swimsuits to the last days as I would have eaten more than I should and get bloated. That’s when I’m grateful for bringing a second option that covers my not so flat tummy.

3. Let’s not forget to get some cool shades, uh? It’s no even an essential, it’s a requirement. But lets be honest, finding a pair that you love and feel your best in is what’s tricky. I have lots of sunglasses but still manage to feel like I need new pairs for every single holiday. I’m looking for something affordable yet trendy to throw on a bare face, cuz ain’t nobody got time for a full on makeup every day whilst on holidays.



4. Comfy flip flops are a must! It’s nice to pack at least one pair of sandals, flip flops and heels for the trip away. I honestly don’t think I will wear heels but there might be nights when we want to dress up for dinner so, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Flip flops are wonderfully comfortable, light to pack and will be the thing you wear the most. My ultimate favorites are Havaianas, they are super affordable and last forever!

5. Beach cover-ups are really your holiday hero. They are super light to pack and can be transformed from a daytime beach to a cocktail evening look by adding some cute platform sandals and minimal pieces of jewellery. I find them extremely versatile as you can wear it around your hips or neck. holiday

6. Some type of entertainment is vital when it comes to going on any type of holiday. This year I have decided that I will get UNO cards as it’s a great card game that is fairly easy to play and gives endless hours of fun. I will be spending ten nights away and might get restless at at some point of the trip that’s why bringing a little backup plan is always a good idea. I have a feeling that this trip, like the UNO cards, will be wild ha-ha. holidayWhat are your pre-holiday essentials? Are you off anywhere nice this year? Let me know in the comments below.


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