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Tips For A Rash-Free Summer

Post by Taislany Gomes • July 01, 2019 • Beauty, Lifestyle

We may still be hoping for more scorching days, but the summer has officially begun in the UK. To the careful observer, it is an army of dresses, sandals, and colorful hats that are blooming in town like hundreds of beautiful flowers. In short, the public is ready for hot days! And we’ve got now the best excuse to try on the latest summer fashion and practice our look ready for when the thermometer goes into the red! But don’t think that the hard work is over now that you’ve found your summer essentials for a day out in town. On the contrary, you want to be prepared to avoid those nasty summer rashes that can turn this skirt-friendly season into a sore nightmare. 

Get rid of your razor

Summer means getting rid of unwanted hair, and while for many, the preferred solution is to shave under the shower, you might want to rethink your hair removal strategy when the temperatures rise. Indeed, razor burns can leave your skin looking red and feeling sensitive in the sun. Instead, you might want to consider skin-friendly alternatives, such as waxing or starting an IPL treatment. You can also use medically designed creams to slow down hair growth and reduce the need for frequent removals – yet it doesn’t stop hair growth altogether. 

Pick clothes that work for you 

Tight clothes in summer can cause rashes, especially if they rub against the skin. Similarly, shorts and swimwear can also lead to painful rashes and inflammation where your thighs rub against each other. Sometimes, choosing a slightly longer cut can make a great deal of difference; you’d be surprised to know that by wearing a pair of shorts that are only one inch longer, you can avoid many unpleasant surprises. Additionally, you can also find dedicated women’s rashies, aka swimwear cut in a skin-friendly material that reduces the risk of skin inflammation. Another great tip to remember in summer: ill-fitting strapless bras can cause skin irritation!

Look after your skin

Your skin needs moisture all the time. In summer especially, sun exposure can increase skin dryness and irritation, which is where you can notice the apparition of sun rashes even if you didn’t catch a sunburn. The rash can appear after only a few minutes in the sun or a prolonged day outdoors. Typically, it is a form of mild allergy to the sun. You can work with your GP through desensitization treatment to build up your resistance. However, the easier approach is to wear  SPF30 UV protection – or higher – when you leave the house. 

Keep the bugs at bay

Lastly, there is no summer without a BBQ party in the garden! Unfortunately, who says outdoors says bug bites. Even your typical mosquito bites can lead to developing a rash, especially on a hot day where the combination of sweat and itchiness can take a dramatic turn. Some people even need over-the-counter hydrocortisone to relieve their itchy skin. If the rash appears swollen, however, you are suffering from an allergic reaction, which requires medical assistance. 

Keeping your skin looking healthy and smooth this summer is a challenge of every day. Be smart about your choices, from hair removal to bug bites’ treatment, as you could accidentally cause skin irritation. 


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