The Slender Plan - A boost to help you reach your goals in 2018! Taislany

The Slender Plan – A boost to help you reach your goals in 2018!

Post by Taislany Gomes • January 21, 2018 • Fitness, Other, Reviews


Whether you have a good excuse or you’ve just been too busy to be healthy, it’s never easy to get back into working out and making better decisions. To keep ourselves from under-doing it, I wanted to keep us motivated by bringing a fitness post to help us stick to our objectives. I’m actually trying to jump back into healthy habits, and stop losing time complaining about the way I look. After giving myself some “dirty” looks in the mirror I decided to get back in the workout mode. New year, new me, who hasn’t said that before?! I have said it so many times!

How I Plan To Get Back in Shape & Healthy in 2018 ??

I have lost and gained my motivation so many times over the years, which led me to try loads and LOADS of diets in order to lose the extra kilos. I mean, the list of diets is long and most of them involved avoiding my favourite foods!

See the mistake? I have always concentrated on diets and never committed myself to taking training and nutrition seriously. What we eat is extremely important when trying to lose weight but if there’s no exercise involved then it will only work for a few weeks and then you will get everything back or even more, that’s why I decided to combine both.

How will I achieve that? With The Slender Plan, which has been designed to add structure to your weekly routine with products that are quick, easy and taste amazing so you’ll never get bored of eating well. It’s hard to stay on track when you’re juggling life, so this plan has been designed to suit different lifestyles, providing you with everything you need to reach your weight loss goals as well as ongoing support from nutritionists, and a 70 page guide to help you learn healthy habits that you can easily maintain. Balance is key to consistency and reaching your goals!

What I love about The Slender Plan:


+You Can Do It Your Way

Go for complete flexibility by customizing your plan

+Anywhere, Any Time

You’ll have products to cover breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks from Monday – Friday.


It’s under £2.80 a day!!

I have only started this plan a week ago so, it’s very important to focus on one challenge at a time. Also, try not to put too much pressure on yourself, and enjoy the small victories! We tend to be hard on ourselves and that’s the worst thing we can do when trying to lose weight. Instead of putting ourselves down let’s try to be positive and get rewarded for good work (not a big bag of crisps). You could reward yourself with a blow-dry at your favourite salon.

Ready to start a healthier life?

All you need to head to the Protein World website and customize Slender Plan – here.

I hope you guys liked to read How I Plan To Get Back in Shape & Healthy in 2018. How will you keep yourself motivated this year? Let me know in the comments below.


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