How To Keep It Cool During Summer ft. Superdry ~ The Night is Young Collection

How To Keep It Cool During Summer ft. Superdry ~ The Night is Young Collection

Post by Taislany Gomes • June 04, 2017 • Fashion

Have you noticed that we are getting more and more of those beautifully-breathtaking sunsets which make us stay out until the sunrise? With these nights in mind, Superdry has created a collection that is perfect for summer warm nights. This collection is perfect for those unplanned parties or late meet ups with your crush.SuperdryThe collection brings graphic prints, semi-tailored shorts, and vibrant sweats which bring that feel good vibe to your look.

“The Night is Young.” Brings a casual wardrobe for all of your potential last minute plans moments. I have found some really cute items and I am sure you’ll also find some favorites too.Superdry This collection reflects those fun moments with your friends; no plans just going with it. That’s why myself and Fernanda decided to go for a walk along Heron Quays to watch the sunset. SuperdryWe had a very long catch up and without noticing we had walked for nearly 20 minutes. That’s when you know that a catch up was long overdue, right?
SuperdryI mean, how beautiful are those tall buildings? Canary Wharf never fails to impress, even from a distance.SuperdryGET FERNANDA’S LOOK: Japan City Breakers Crew JumperSorrento Sunglasses

Usually, we associate summer with short clothes or almost no clothes and I am really not one to judge as it’s great to show some skin. However, I don’t think this should be a rule. We obviously don’t want to melt, that’s why choosing the right fabric has greater relevance than the length of the pieces.
Superdry That’s why I chose this flowy 50’s Boardwalk dress. Flowy clothes keep the body much cooler, more comfortable and more stylish than super-tight clothes. Of course, comfort mean different things to different people. If you prefer and feel good with tight clothes, there is no reason why you should change it. Always do what is best for YOU.SuperdryBut this is a fact, the more airy and lighter the fabric, the less warm it will make you feel. As I wanted to keep this look comfy and light I paired it with these Blake Wooden Heel Sandals, Suede Fringed Backpack and this dope denim jacket just in case it gets a little cold (very possible when in London).SuperdryGET THE LOOK ??

50’s Boardwalk Dress – Girlfriend Denim Jacket – Blake Wooden Heel Sandals – (Similar) Suede Fringed Tote Bag

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What do you guys think about Superdry’s new collection? Let me know in the comments below.


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