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8 Important Steps Towards Feeling Great About Yourself

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We’re all dimly aware that life is short, but we’ll be damned if we don’t let it slip our mind, more or less always. If we were aware that our time on this planet wasn’t going to last forever, we’d spend less time feeling bad about yourself, more time feeling awesome about ourselves. So get feeling good! OK, let’s be serious, it’s not that easy. You can’t just switch it on whenever you like. It’s something that you have to cultivate, but, fortunately, it’s something that we can all do. Below, we take a look at a few tips that’ll have you on your way to feeling great about yourself. Don’t believe it? Give them a try and see for yourself.

Talking To Yourself

You’d have to be pretty confident to withstand someone telling you that you’re a terrible person all the time. Imagine if that person was standing behind you, whispering in your ear — you’d feel awful! And now imagine how good you’d feel if someone was bigging you up, rather than dragging you down. The truth is most of us do have someone tearing us down — ourselves. So take a look at how you’re talking to yourself. Are you giving yourself praise or criticism? Learn how to ignore that inner critic, and speak to yourself more positively. They really do make a difference. 

Letting Go of Past Mistakes

You’ve got to feel a little sorry for humans. They’re too smart — they know that one day they will die, and they can relive all of their past mistakes, just by thinking about them. And if you’ve made some big mistakes in your life, then that’s going to seriously affect how you see yourself. It’s important to remember, however, that the past is the past. It doesn’t have to define the future. Come to terms with what has happened, and you’ll free yourself of the weight of your past. If it’s not helpful, then why carry it around with you? You’ve already learned the lesson…time to move on.

Strive to Do More 

We all put ourselves in boxes from time to time. We think that we’re only good for one thing, or that certain things are out of reach for “someone like us.” But if there’s one thing that history has told us, it’s that everything is possible. There are people who have overcome incredible challenges and handicaps in life to become the best version of themselves. If you’re in a bit of a funk, and you’re held back by limiting self-beliefs, then look at pushing yourself to do more. You don’t have to climb Everest or anything like that. Just stepping marginally out of your comfort zone will show you that you’re able to much more than you believe. 

The Basics in Life

We think that life is complicated, and, of course, it can be. But the actual basics of life are, well, pretty basic. And if you can get them right, then you’ll have a solid platform from which to become the best version of yourself. It’s hard to feel at your best if you lack in a couple of fundamental areas. So what does this involve? It’s all about eating well, getting exercise, and ensuring that you’re well-rested. Doing these things won’t push your confidence levels through the roof, but it’s impossible to have high confidence if they’re not part of your being. If you’re feeling a little lost, then get back to basics and build yourself up again.

Handling Issues

It’s possible that we can feel overall happy with ourselves, but that there are one or two issues that hold us back. We could be flying high in 90% of what we’re doing, but then look in the mirror, and find that our confidence levels take a hit. In this day and age, however, it’s nearly always possible to put these matters behind us. There are solutions and options for everything! If you’re unable to reach your desired body shape, then you can take a look at liposuction. If you don’t like your smile, then an orthodontist can give your teeth a makeover. A stylist can help with your fashion sense, a hairdresser with your locks. There’s no reason to be unhappy with our appearances in an age when everything can be resolved. 

Retail Therapy

There’s a reason why the term “retail therapy” exists. It works! Who isn’t familiar with the feeling of finding the perfect item of clothing, and being over the moon? If you need a bit of a confidence boost, then grab some friends and hit the shops. You’ll feel great once the labels are off, and you’re wearing your new clothing item when you go for a night on the town. 

Feed the Good Wolf

How we talk to ourselves can be detrimental to our well being, but it’s also true that we’re not always just an innocent bystander as the demons of our childhood talk to us. We hurt ourselves, too. Who hasn’t felt low after, say, waking up with a hangover on a Saturday morning? We curse ourselves for feeling bad, wasting our money, whatever. That’s just one example, but there are plenty of ways that we cause harm and hold ourselves back. It’s recommended that you identify the actions that bring you down, and work to put them behind you. It might require a little bit of discipline, but eventually, you’ll be happy that you got rid of the thing that you knew was damaging. 

Ignore the Naysayers

You might feel positive and be in a good place, but boy oh boy, can’t the world be a cruel place? There are always people who want to bring you down. People can kick you when you’re down, but they’ll kick even harder when you’re doing good things and doing your best. It’s jealousy and their own demons talking. You can’t make them stop, but you do have a secret weapon: ignore them! Their words say more about them than they say about you. 

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