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Staying Stylish and Comfortable With One Piece Onesie

Post by Taislany Gomes • October 15, 2016 • Fashion

I love jumpsuits! If you don’t know this about me, you should read the post where I call myself a“Jumpsuit PRO”: Did I Just Find The Perfect Jumpsuit?

Whenever I run out of options I know that my jumpsuits will save me. Most of my jumpsuits are for formal events so, when I discovered One Piece I found myself in heaven.profileI had seen some celebs like The Kardashians, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez rock these comfy One Piece Onesies. Because of that, I thought it would be very expensive and out of my reach. To my surprise, they are super affordable and most importantly… ridiculously comfortable!

One Piece Onesies / Jumpsuits:

I wore the Aviator Jumpsuit a few weeks ago to attend a few events during London Fashion Week. I decided to make it a little “dressy” by adding a few elements to the look ?❤️:one pieceI love the American Airforce inspiration, it made me feel trendy and powerful. Everyone who passed by me would give a second (and third) look. I mean, you don’t see people walking around wearing something as cool as this aviator inspired jumpsuit, do you?

I styled it with my favorite pair of Perspex Boots and a black bag to keep it fun and feminine. I decided to put my hair back so it wouldn’t take any attention away from this fabulous piece jumpsuitWhereas, this week I styled the Air Jumpsuit in Midnight Blue more casually as I was going for a coffee catch up with a good friend of piece jumpsuitI paired it with some comfy white trainers, a Rain Jacket (it’s London, you never know) and was good to go. As it has some decent sized pockets and I only needed my keys, debit card, and phone I felt no need for a bag, I never felt so comfortable while being out, like… piece jumpsuitHow awesome is this water resistant jacket? The transparency lets you showcase the outfit underneath. Not going to lie, I felt “Too Cool For School” piece jumpsuitThe cool thing is that you can wear these jumpsuits to “Netflix and chill” or take them out and about. That’s what I call value for piece jumpsuitIf you follow me on Snapchat (taislanyy), you have probably noticed that I love wearing the Air Jumpsuit when I’m working from home. It’s so lightweight and has workwear inspired details, which makes it the perfect “uniform”.


The Air Jumpsuit Midnight Blue

Black Aviator Onesie

Influence Rain Jacket Transparent Black

Hope you guys liked the two jumpsuits from One Piece. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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