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Simple Beauty Tips For Spring

Post by Taislany Gomes • March 17, 2021 • Other

Spring is here and it is now time for us to make some changes to our beauty routine and get ready for the summer. 

Spring is the signal of a new year and a fresh start – and now that the pandemic is coming to an end and life looks to reach a new normal – most of us will be going out and seeing our loved ones once again. 

These simple beauty tips will help you to look and feel your best in the spring and show your natural beauty. 

Embrace flowing clothes 

Spring is a time to put away all of those tight sweaters and jeans and start looking toward more flowing and comfortable clothes. In the spring, wearing flowing swing camisoles and floral tee dresses is a great idea and it will make you feel more put together and more feminine for the season. Flowing clothing is also much more comfortable in the spring and summertime and it will keep you cool throughout the days. Enjoy some frills, lace, chiffon and satin this season and look amazing every day. 

Smile brighter 

One way to transform yourself during the spring ready for summer is to invest in some invisible braces to correct your smile and make it brighter. Our smile is one of our most characteristic features and it is so important that we make the most of our smile and show it off. You can also use a DIY whitening kit at home to make your pearly whites, well, pearly white! 

Try a 2-week shred 

Winter is a time of year where we all hibernate in the comfort of our homes, eat carb-heavy foods, and enjoy lazy nights in front of Netflix. If you think you have gained a little bit of weight during the winter season and you want to make a very swift change – now is the time to try a 2-week shred routine from a fitness trainer such as Chloe Ting. 14 days of intensive workouts can do a lot for your body as well as your mindset and it will help you lose some of that extra timber but will also make you feel more energized and more confident going into the summer. 

Tailor eyeshadow to your eyes 

When deciding on makeup for your spring look – it’s important to know which colors can really make your eyes pop. Here are the best colors for different eye colors: 

-Blue eyes – gold, green, pink, brown

-Green eyes – green, copper, orange, blue

-Hazel eyes – brown, copper, red, orange, 

-Brown eyes – purple, green, gold, brown

Make your eyes pop with the right colors and it will brighten up your whole face and make you feel more beautiful and confident. 

Less is more 

When applying makeup in spring – it is important to shy away from the cakey makeup you apply during those winter months. In spring and summer, less is definitely more – and a good BB or CC cream can be all you need to lift and even put your complexion without washing your face out. Make the most of your natural features and wow with your natural beauty.

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