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How To Rock Red ❤

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Crimson and ruby, cherry and rust, burgundy and maroon – whatever colour tickles your fancy, red comes in many shades. Wearing red is not something that comes naturally to anyone; it’s a bold, bright, passionate, dangerous colour. It’s not hard to wear because it’s unattractive, but because it’s a statement to wear it. Think about celebrities with a slash of red lipstick or the contrast of a red dress with ice blonde hair? These are the combinations that make red a big colour to wear, so it makes sense that it’s not an easy colour to pull off.

You may be lacking in claret in your wardrobe while drooling over burgundy and maroon color dresses online. People who want to wear red need to feel confidence and passion when they wear it, so if you’re missing those two elements, you’re going to struggle to figure out how to wear it. Men and women both find each other more attractive when wearing red, with sports teams who wear red said to win more often than those who don’t. It’s a colour for winning, and there is no other colour out there that is so rich in symbolism than red is. The meanings around the world are different when we’re not talking fashion: with red meaning either debt or luck depending on where you are around the world.

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Red clothes are a bold choice, but even the smallest flash of red in your outfit is going to make a statement. You can tone down the boldness of the colour when you choose dusky pinks and burgundy, but if you get the outfit choice wrong you’re going to find yourself red in the face, too. Wearing red should be considered very carefully. You may not feel confident enough to pop with streetwear, instead preferring to show a hint of red in your outfit somewhere. Red draws the eye and if you’re not planning to draw attention, it’s not the right colour for you! For the most part, red is seen as less formal in menswear, but in women’s wear a simple black dress is transformed with a killer pair of red heels. A red dress in the boardroom commands respect and attention, too!

Before you choose red, consider your skin tone and which shade of red will fit. Pale skin and black hair will rock bright, clear red tones whereas olive skin would be best with a rust-red colour. Pairing red with charcoal tones down the colour and makes it softer to look at. You want to avoid the “hospital” vibe with your red choices, which is why you should match the intensity of the colour with the depth of the rest of the colours you’re wearing. You can also pair red with browns and cream neutrals for a touch of the bold in with the soft.

Red is a colour that should be worn somewhere in the outfit if you want to really make an impact; don’t be afraid to go bold sometimes!

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